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How to write the best buyers request

Am new to fiverr am i have been wondering how on earth i can write the most effective buyers request to win buyers interest.
Like serious i have been trying but is not just enough,i feel like crying…
can someone help please


There’s no particular method you can use to write a proposal. What I will suggest is that, you need to write to buyer’s interest. Try to make your proposal as persuasive as possible. Speak to their interest, give them a reason to hire you, and give them a risk aversion means, like: a no question 100% money back guarantee, and so on.

Hope it helps.


Make sure you personalize it for each offer you put in… I bet a lot of sellers just have a bog standard one they paste in for most offers. Show the buyer you have looked into their pdf or info they’ve included about their project. It’s worked for me.

So far I tried to put offers that explain the implementation of requirements that how I will implement and done the required work and share multiple ideas for work done. This works for me, if not then at least buyer will contact me once.

Many Thanks!

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Start with Hi
1.Then Introduce your self
2.Then About your Experience ( Everything )
3.Completion time and discussing the part of the project

Thats it.


You can eexplain your iinterest about bbuyer requirements. Hopw bbuyer consider your proposal. Thanks

If you mean promoting your gig in the Buyers Request section, don’t do that! This is the place where buyers tell what they need and you can send them a direct offer.

best way is to write as small as you can, means after doing Hi hello (very good impression on buyer) write to the point :slight_smile: hope it helps you
as me personally use this tip and it works well for me :slight_smile:

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I am also try to give them some resource they need for their required but still not win. I think good if they just reply us some word back.

Tailor the request to what the buyer needs. Be specific and don’t sound generic

Well,I put in a buyers request for some work today and interestingly, not ONE of the 35 sellers who replied me mentioned the specifics of what I was asking for.
I just got generic responses and no one took the time to show they had really looked into my request. Quite surprising really.

Have to say many had appalling English and one chap filled the message area solely with 20 gig URLs… Umm , no thanks.

I’d previously only been through this procedure as a seller but I found the role on the other side as a buyer really helpful as now I know how my potential requests look from the eyes of a buyer.

One piece of advice given by a newbie in one of those tips and tricks posts was to always try and be in the first 5 first to reply.Which as we know is nearly impossible.

But I really don’t think that matters as I noticed as each request comes in, they load from the top and the fastest dudes to reply are then pushed down the page . So if you are No. 20 out of 20 and the buyer opens up their account,your request is the first they see and the fast fellas are buried waaaaayyyy down at the bottom somewhere.


It’s on the desktop version of the fiverr, most buyers use mobile app for fiverr and its interface is different… the first requests comes first…


If you are looking for a way to offer your services in the BR section by posting ads - for the love of God DON’T, there is enough spam already. There is a My Gigs or something section on this forum, go there.

If you’re wondering how to respond to requests, it goes like this: don’t send generic offers. Make sure to fill in the details section, trying to address the particular buyer’s s needs (e.g. if someone wants an article about fluffy kittens - fluffy kittens MUST be fluffily mentioned in your fluffy offer).

Contrary to some advice here, I would refrain from offering “100% refunds no questions asked”. It’s such a big shiny magnet for scumbags who want the work done for free, you’ll get enough of them anyway.

Hope this helps!


Thanks dear i really appreciate.
Of course it does

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Thanks so much,i appreciate

Till that time, 30 offers are already sent by other sellers lol :smiley:

I don’t like the app, It is way less functional than the main site, and it doesn’t show as many gigs.


The same problem I’m facing too. I’m new in Fiverr so talk about easy way to earn jobs from fiverr

I laughed. But, if you encounter this issue, you have to write faster. :slight_smile:

Here is our example:
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