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How To Write The best Description For your GIG?

Here i have explained the perfect process to write a stunning gig description on fiverr with “AIDA” process.

“AIDA” is a short from of 4 words. That means you will divide your gig description in 4 part to expose different things and than make it a perfect piece of writings.

So What is "AIDA"

A= Attraction

This is the beginning of your fiverr gig description. You will write 3 to 4 lines about your experience with a creative way. don’t just say that you have few years of experience. try to explain your experience as much as possible to attract your buyer, that you are best for him.

I= Interest

On this part you will tell your buyer that how he will be beneficial by buying your gig. you can see on my video that how i write my interest section. try explain to your buyer with a comparison way that you are more profitable for him than the other buyer. But don’t be over aggressive. Be smart and explain nicely in few lines.

D= Desire

It’s time explain your working process or your working plan. Like how the order will start. What you will need from him, what you will deliver, what will be the quality of your work, how the buyer can tell you about his special requirement and much more. By pointing all this things in desire section, you will give a clear idea to your buyer about the whole working process. so he will be more sure that he can make order.

A= Action

So finally time to shoot the action. it’s simple. just say make your order now and get it done. that’s it. Action is short, simple and accurate timing. as you already explain everything in 3 section, so it’s time to say just order now.

That’s the whole process to write a perfect fiverr gig description. But be sure that you have a limit of 1200 word to write. so be specific and smart to explain your service.

Thanks a lot for reading this.
Let me your Thoughts.