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How to write the best response to a buyers request?

Hello, Amazing People,

I need your valuable suggestions, please help me.

I have read your description with carefully. In your description, you have to looking for a Designer. You have to Need a unique and Eye-catching FLYER Design. Don’t worry, Hope I’m a perfect person for you.

I also more prepare your custom FLYER DESIGN size 1920 x 1080, and i will give you eye-catching Flyer Design with VECTOR file, JPEG, PDF, AI, EPS, AND Source file.

i need your support to increase my profile with good review, i want to be part of your upcoming projects… and i working hard with unlimited revisions until you HAPPY.

See my Previous FLYER work here: LINK HERE

I have a lot of 3 years experience with Photoshop and illustrator on other sites, you can be sure that i’m an unique and professional designer.

I am waiting for your response. I am able to use all types of communication methods and able to maintain your time schedule during the project

Your sincerely

How can i improve my request?


We can’t write a template for you. If you really want our help then show us what are you sending right now and then we can point out what can be improved.

Take one of the requests and write an offer.
Copy/paste both here and we will help you analyze your offer.

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thanks for your comment … i will be edit my post

Please read my new editable post … and suggest me how can I improve my request

Is that your template? If so, my first suggestion would be to not use a template. I’ve always written my buyers requests from scratch.

You need to address not just your skill set and the fact that you’ve read the request thoroughly, but also your understanding of what the buyer needs. E.g, “I see that you’ve asked for an article about international experiences. I’ve lived abroad for twenty years.” Connect to the request, and show your expertise. That’s how you get a BR.


You’re not winning because the entire proposal is talking about yourself. You need to be talking about the buyer and their needs, not your needs.

I am a buyer that uses Buyer’s Request to hire sellers often. I would delete yours after reading the 1st sentence.


Because, out of 40 bids, 30 offers start with, “I have read your description carefully. . .”

Did you know 75% of all sellers start their bid with the exact same line? Why don’t you start with this instead (as an example),

Hello (buyer username)

I see that you are looking to get a banner designed for your company picnic. You need multi-color theme for the Spring Easter Egg hunt. [Start with what buyer asked]

I have great deal of experience in this. May I suggest you get . . . [Add suggestion which gives credibility that you read the request and not just saying you did].

I am looking forward to working with you on this project.

I say this respectfully, but as a buyer who is paying REAL money,

I don’t care about the sellers:

  • Need to increase profile with good reviews (I’m not giving anyone $ because they need reviews)

  • 3 years experience with Photoshop, etc. (I’m concerned about what you can do for me today, not what you did yesterday).

Don’t talk about time and schedule, that’s a given.

One last important thing, Stop using template.


@gina_riley2 Right great trick to write a buyer request.


Very useful, thank you a lot @gina_riley2 :relaxed:


I’m happy, because you read my post , and suggest me your valuable feedback. i will never mistake my next proposal. Thanks a lot.

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please, could you more tricks to suggest me on this point …