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How to you contact admin to complain about a seller


Hello I am a bit confused how this is meant to work, I have hired a seller who does not communicate with me only to ask for more time, when I ask her to send a review so I can see what she has created there is no response, I have sent her about 6 messages still no response. WHAT DO YOU DO?


Is the order still open? If so you can request a cancellation. You can also contact customer support at and submit a request.


Thank you for your reply, Yes the order is still open, I did request a cancellation but then the seller rejected the dispute and asked for more time and it went into revision. I then asked her to send me draft of the work she is meant to be doing for me, no response and another 3 days making it now 6 days gone by without seeing what she is doing!! Thanks for the supports email will try that.