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How TRS sellers stay online 24/7? (old but still unsolved question)

Fiverr Forum has taught me a lot. So, I’m very thankful to this community.
“Installing the Fiverr app doesn’t help at all and auto-refreshing extensions would be illegal (in my view). You get offline if your Fiverr profile or app becomes inactive for about five minutes even if it’s open in front of you. So, it’s almost impossible to keep clicking somewhere on the screen to keep yourself online as it disturbs a lot from work. Reminder: I do not want to stay online 24/7 as it would be a cheat staying online even while sleeping. But at least I want to stay online when I’m working at my desktop for about 12-14 hours. Then how can I do that? Because there would be a way as I’ve seen so many TRS staying online 24/7. Please Please don’t tell me that staying online is not necessary to get orders, but in my view, it has a very positive impact on buyers. Please guide me with some new answers, not old traditional ones. There IS a possible way as some top-rated sellers do this.”

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It doesn’t matter how much time you stay online. In my experience as a seller here for more than 6 years now, I had many more orders when I was offline rather than online. Focus on improving your gig and when you receive orders, complete them properly. If you want to stay online all the time, you are looking for shortcuts, and those won’t give you orders. If you are working at your computer on Fiverr, then you are seen online so…


That’s like saying “please, please don’t tell me that I need oxygen to survive…”

I can tell you that you don’t, but I’d be lying.

Like @donnovan86 has already said, you’re focusing on the wrong thing. Being online does not get you orders, it just doesn’t. Focus on making your gig the best it can be - it really is that simple.


Thanks for your reply, I understand that staying online doesn’t matter.
For example, my niche is video editing when I’m working on premiere or after effects, even my profile is open in browser I would become offline by being inactive for five minutes. In my same niche, some TRS sellers remain online all the time and for sure they would be working a lot. Again my question is the same I know that staying online would not be helpful but I always wonder how they manage to stay online all the time, even with so much workload. Actually I want to know that particular way to remain online other than keep clicking on your profile page.

As I said you are focusing on the wrong things here.

Ask them if you are so curious. No one can answer that question except them.


To claim this, you’d literally have to sit and stare at the person’s profile without blinking for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Which is impossible. So no, you didn’t see that.

If someone is claiming to provide “24/7 support” they are saying things that aren’t true because in their mind it’ll give them more sales. OR they are using the auto-refresh extension. OR other shady tactics no one is going to tell you about.

If you don’t want to believe that staying online is irrelevant and you can become a TRS and get sales without caring about online status, by all means, do that and keep expecting to receive an answer no one can give you.


I know a TRS who appears to be online 24/7 but is not. I assume he must use an app to appear that way.

But why bother when it won’t help get sales? People can place orders 24/7 whether you are online or not. I get most orders when I am not online.


Almost every topic on Fiverr forum includes your comments and replies. Whenever I see your comment I stop and do not scroll without reading. I’m very happy to see you guiding me in my topic. I’ve learned a lot from your comments and replies on Fiverr forum. I highly appreciate commenting on my topic. BTW thanks a lot for your guidance.


@hussnain_ali999 Thank you for that nice recognition!

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CS said in 2018 about the “online” status (re: gigs showing in in the search):

There is a timeout if your page is idle for some time, this is usually 30-45 minutes

So unless it’s changed, you don’t need to load a Fiverr page as often to have your gigs shown in the “online” sellers’ filter.

Also the top rated sellers normally have higher priced gigs than other sellers so they won’t need as many orders to make just as much (or more than) other sellers. They may also be showing as online more because they deliver more often not because being shown as online gets them a lot more orders.

re: 24/7 support, Fiverr says that Fiverr Pro customers get 24/7 support (“we offer all Pro customers 24/7 premium access to our Pro Customer Experience team”) - so apart from Fiverr Pros (their team) and maybe some normal Fiverr sellers who have teams, I doubt anyone is really giving 24/7 support.


I saw one TRS who says in his gigs that he responds to any message within one minute. His gig says “try it now”. I forget who it was but he is active sometimes on the forum. Quite an accomplishment.


Maybe they might offer automated responses when they’re not actually able to answer manually within that time (assuming they don’t have a team that can respond within a minute). Unless they mean they respond within a minute only during their working hours.

Their gig said in big letters that they respond within one minute 24/7 and said “TRY IT NOW”. I wonder how they do it. They must have it automated somehow.

I know how auto responders work but they have one set up to respond to fiverr inquiries so that’s interesting. I assume it’s an auto responder but maybe not.

I don’t think, you need to stay online always to get orders! Stay online, when you are in Fiverr. Refresh your dashboard frequently whenever you free. It’s like 1-2-3! Simple is that!


@logographs, nice response

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You’re welcome @lydya2022 :slightly_smiling_face: