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How ungrateful can some buyers be?

i offer a 600 word translation from french/spanish to english. A buyer sent a translated 1600 word text from english to french and asked if i could help to edit for a gig purchase in return i replied and said no problems even though it was above my advertised 600 words.

The translated text had a lot of mistranslated words, the buyer never sent feedback if he wanted to have the job done or not, nevertheless i went ahead and translated and edit the french text for him and sent it, its 4 days now and not even an acknowledgement or even a simple thank you! Is this how most buyers behave here on fiverr, some don’t even leave any feedback how they felt about the service rendered.

So unfair!!!

The sooner you get use to it the better you feel. Not every buyer are like that though. There’s plenty of great buyers. Don’t let the bad ones put you down. As the saying goes, "keep swimming"

Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

After you deliver the order, try to politely ask him for a review. Without rating (thumb up) it will not show up on your profile even if you receive your money, and rating helps other people find you and use your services - so it’s very important.

Some people think they order from machines and if they don’t like the result, they just ask for refund and walk away. Luckily many buyers will be nice and polite and appreciate your efforts. :slight_smile: Don’t let this ruin your fiverr experience and I really recommend asking the buyer, while delivering, for rating.

Here’s a tip from someone who has been freelancing for over a decade.

NEVER EVER lower your rates to win a client! If what you offer is 600 words for 1 gig, and client wants 1600 words, then you ask 3 gigs for it. If it’s some messed up text you have to work with, ask even more gigs. And if he does not agree with it, then it’s YOUR win, because you just lost a very bad client.

Reply to @ynneblack: the point is that he never even placed an order, it was just a message in my inbox requesting help with editing the text and i replied that i was willing to do so on the basis that he makes an order, i still went ahead and did the editing and sent him the corrected version, i’m not even particular about the $5, its just the non acknowledgement of the work he received all for free. I feel i was just used, no hard feelings -lesson learnt.

Reply to @ynneblack: