How was 2016 for you


2016 was good for me.
I got married in this year and Also I am doing very well on fiverr.
It was lucky year fro me. Fiverr helping me a lot to doing good and getting everything.
Now, i am trying to fulfill my dream.
I hope I can.
The last month I mean December was bad for me because orders are going down and down.
I hope 2017 will come with new hope and new life.
Please share you experience with me with us about 2016.
Thank you and also Thank you Fiverr for support me.


This year I did a lot of learning.

  • I learned what my ideal workload is, and thus have temporarily stopped selling on Fiverr
  • I learned that I can sell more on Fiverr than I ever have before by opening up the range of my service offerings
  • I learned what I want in an educational institution
  • I learned how to maintain work/life balance
  • I learned that money’s great, but family is better

Heres to hoping 2017 includes more learning and more opportunities!


Thank you and best wishes for you.