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How was 2018 for you? Did you make more money?


Just curious to see how you did in 2018 compared to 2017.

Earning in 2018

We’ve come into the service in 2018, so can’t compare with 2017. Sales were alright until September, then they plummeted straight to 0 for no apparent reason. Now that we moved to pro, kinda on the fence to see if it pulls back up again or not.

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Most months in 2018 I made a lot more per gig than I did in 2017, so that part was great. The down side for me was long droughts and I made way less for weeks at a time. As it balanced out I only made a little more in 2018 than I did the year before. I would sure like to have more of those excellent months or at least more months where I make so much that I don’t care about the slow times.


I’ve been tracking my income since 2015, I judge the present by looking to the past. Sorry your sales plummeted, but I’m glad you moved to Pro. Are you making more money now?

Are you charging more on average than you did in 2017?

Yes, the ups and downs can be frustrating.

If there’s anything good about 2018 is that I’ve learned more humility and more patience with my clients and the people who message me.

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Too early to tell. Still way down from my usual level of contacts, and most contacts are not good deals anyway. It seems like the market has just dried up suddenly.

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I joined Fiverr in July of 2017, so I only have five months to compare to all of 2018. :thinking:

However, I did substantially better in those same five months in 2018 compared to the same months in 2017. :blush:

What hurt me was going OOO in November for ten days :confused: to get ready for Thanksgiving. :turkey:(My house was in need of attention before I could have company. :roll_eyes:)

Then in December, I went OOO for another seven days to get everything ready for the Christmas Holiday. :christmas_tree:


Yes, but I’ve always had very few orders for my lowest package which is a big shift. Most buyers now order either my middle or top package. I can only guess at why this is. I think part of it might be the years on Fiverr, the review consistency and the fact that there are fewer level 2 and TRS sellers in my category. Maybe buyers are willing to risk more on me now. I also think some is due to my change in niche. In 2017 I sold a wide variety of services in multiple categories and niches/genres.

In 2018 I shifted pretty much entirely to the animal/pet genre but have slowly expanded categories. I’m giving thought to adding animal-related explainer videos in 2019. If I think of other animal-related gigs I could do in other categories (and learn fast enough) I would shoot for that. It seems like I get buyers now that find me with specific keywords instead of through search rank, so the niche thing seems to have boosted me. Maybe I just need more time to polish and it will keep going up. I’m always open to thoughts!

Do you think the loss of badgea was part of that? If so I think it is great that you found something to improve on but I’m truly sorry that you lost badges in the process. Losing a badge by itself doesn’t seem too terrible to me since it’s happening to a lot of people, but not being able to earn it back automatically is REALLY hard. I’m kind of glad to be level 2 where I know what the requirements are to re-earn it. I have come close to dropping a few times and am likely to eventually have to lose the badge and earn it back. It seems to be part of Fiverr now.

I hope your 2019 is really good. I do suspect that the level system will make the playing field different after a year and it might be good for you in some respects. Not so much because of what badge you have but because other sellers will give up and move on and you have tenacity. I also think and really hope that Fiverr has plans to adjust the completion rate thing in some way. We’ve heard hints about that but nothing solid. Best wishes for your income to come back up and beyond in the new year! :beers: :crossed_fingers:


It was a great year many lessons learned and revenue nearly doubled compare to 2017


see there will be surely ups and downs in the game of business but whats the most important thing is you should never give up and keep on going !
Overall a great year !

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The analytics page shows I made more in 2018 than in 2017 so that’s good :slight_smile:

I didn’t make a profit though :frowning_face:

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I’m 100% convinced it is. A TRS badge is like a PRO badge, it gives you a great reputation and if your prices are reasonable, you will get a lot of orders. There are also gigs that have no competition in TRS, so it’s like having a monopoly.

Now that I’m level 1, I see more buyer reluctance, more people asking questions instead of ordering right away.

Your row placement matters to, right now I’m on row 6. When I’m on rows 1-2, I get more orders.

If I didn’t need the money, I would charge $50 on every gig and see how many days it takes me to get an order.

Best wishes to you, and thanks for your advice throughout the years.


In 2017 slightly over 10% of your earnings were cancelled and in 2018 around 25% were cancelled. I’m comparing the dollar amount of cancellations to the total earnings.

You still earned more in 2018 so I’m not sure if that matters to fiverr. It’s just something I noticed.

For me, 2018 was much more erratic with big ups and downs each month compared to any other years since I started six years ago. There was not any reason for this that I could see. Other years were very steady each month. All I can guess is that my gigs were moved around in the listings much more.


If my math is right, I earned around 38% more.

As I have so few cancellations (3 in 2018, 7 in 2017) that I can remember the reasons for all of them when looking at the lists for 2018 and 2017, I can say that this is due to not as many people having ordered “by accident” or done accidental double orders (even a triple order of the same custom offer last year) because of either buyer error or payment bugs.

So that’s pretty good.

I don’t like looking back so much though, so I’ll forget all the data now and wish everyone enough or even more than enough revenue, only sensible and nice buyers, no cancellations and no bugs in 2019!



I increased my price and I was lucky enough to gain a repeat buyer, so even though
I didn’t do any math, I believe I did a bit better than last year overall.
Very grateful, hopefully 2019 will be the same, if not better! :smiley:


Yes cancellations increased due to my gig was feature around the time dec 2017 - feb 2018 the load was too much to handle so it was result in cancellations and level downgrade

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@shubhamdahale, That is too much frustrating for me as well. When a buyer order a gig, if the seller get a notification to accept the order or decline it. That would be the next turning point of the platform. I suggest this because most of freelance sites offers that facility which i am working on. That way sellers have more convenient way of dealing with orders. I was a level 2 seller, those kind of cancellations made me no level seller. since there is no way to prevent it. :disappointed_relieved:


This year I earned half of what I did in 2017, but that’s ok because I had time to start a lot of other projects including my own website.

But yeah, on fiverr, this year sucked for me. :joy:


IT WAS GOOD :joy::joy::joy:


Considering that I started on Fiverr on April 2018, This year was great for me!

Lets hope thing keep going well on 2019 : )

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In 2017 I completed 146 orders
in 2018 , 127 :smiley:
I had $568 cancellation in 2017 & in 2018 it’s only $88 !!
income increased 25% . So 2018 was year with a bit less work & some large orders.


Congratulations on that & on becoming Top Rated Seller :blush: