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How was Fiverr experience for sellers before this corona outbreak?

Hi people !!
My name is Aayush, I am a new seller on Fiverr , just joined a month back.
I have received a few orders till date but I used to hear from my friends who became seller around 1 year back or 6 months back that they used to get atleast 1 to 2 orders per week even in their starting phase of 1 to 2 months.
But, seeing the current scenario, I received only a few orders and am not able to receive any further orders, though my gig is receiving Gig views, Impressions in quite a decent amount.

I want to ask from SENIOR SELLERS, what was their Fiverr experience in their initial days on Fiverr and also when there was no situation as such corona virus outbreak.

Could you also please go through my gig to let me know if it requires any kind of modifications to make it a better choice for buyers. It would be of great help to me. Thankyou :blush:

@jonbaas said it all.


I get what you want to say. But I was just curious to ask whether you and other senior sellers are facing a downfall in your sales, too ?
That’s all I wanted to know.