How was Fiverr made?


I’m a level 2 seller on FIverr and I love the idea of the website.
Great way for people to share their talents and a great way for buyers to find what they are looking for.
I know this isn’t a usual question but I was just wondering how Fiverr was made?
Was it built using CMS like WordPress or something entirely different?
Does anyone have any insight?


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They just tossed a few freelancers, laptops and wifi into a pot and POOF!
Fiverr !


Fiverr is build with a little (???) complex web technology.I found this on the internet.
WordPress is basically build to create blogs. It has a lot feature, by using it’s extendability we create basic websites, online shop. When It comes to build something much complicated, Developer uses custom CMS by doing row codes.


Pretty much what @wordandrecord said


Makes sense they used custom CMS but still that isn’t enough to create a website like Fiverr.
They had to have good understanding and skills in web development.
That’s what I don’t understand. They needed someone to write JavaScript, PHP and SQL in addition to their custom CMS.
I guess no one really knows how they actually did it.


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I believe Fiverr was first of it’s kind (Could be wrong), so might have been more time consuming back then. But these days, very easily without much effort. I have seen software/scripts being sold that basically allows one to create their own freelancing marketplace within a few hours. This also explains why there’s so many useless “fiverr clones” everywhere. :confused:


Here you go





How was Fiverr made? Well, that’s an easy answer…

It was forged in the fires of Mordor.



I can’t speak for core fiverr website, but I’m almost certain the blog was created using the Newspaper 7 WordPress theme.