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How was your January like?

It started slow, but picked up from the 2nd week and has ended well for me. Certainly better than December. I’m talking about sales on Fiverr, of course. How was your January like?

It started out slow, continued to be slow, and in the last week I got
bombarded with 15 images, so right now I am running around in my head like a
chicken. Once I get this cleared I want to take a break,hahaha.
OK, time to get another cup of coffee, I have a long day ahead of me!!


I was hoping to get more sales in December before and during Christmas holidays. I even had small ads campaign on facebook, but it didn’t really worked. While in January I had about 3 big orders, so it was nothing special, but more than those 0 in December :slight_smile:

It seems that each month gets better and the last two months have been excellent. In my case it is word of mouth advertising and most clients become repeat ones.

I get messages all the time that people are telling their family and friends about me.
This is what my secret of success is.