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How Was Your Month of May

It has been slow time for me in Apr and May. My hot gigs where i used to get orders have become slow.

I am not sure if it is just me or everyone is having a slow month?

I am keenly looking forward for June where I should be able to shore up orders quickly.


Since March till the very present, slow as hell for me. Lucky with some returning clients, in the past 2 weeks I’ve been bombarded with buyers who want the moon, the galaxy and world peace for 5$, or let’s say 10$. So yeah, guess that gave you an answer. Guess we’re both looking gorward to June :slight_smile:


More than average in May for me.

Got 25+ orders this month. The most for me in a single month.

But all these happened in a span of 15 days in May and it slowed down since then. In fact only 2 orders in the last 10 days.

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Hi @richardbach, Yes, I think it’s Going Perfect Same as Previous Months :slight_smile:


LoL!! I also get some clients like that.


Yup. I am not sure as to why. My stats are also the same. Last 10 day, it has dried up like Hell!

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I am still unable to get my gig on the top of the page even with around 12 orders for 1 particular gig in that span. It shifts from mid first page to 2nd page.

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Yeah, they’re like a plague, I’m in the music business so I get ,I want a song written, complete orchestral arrangement, backing vocals and professional lead singing, mix and master and also the instrumental track, tight budget, 5$" . Are these specimens stupid or what.


I have got a lot more orders per gig. Still it wont rank. I don’t think so Fiverr Gig ranking has got anything to do with number of orders etc.

It is also how many people “Fav” your gig etc, how quick is your delivery, how many time extensions, cancellations etc, . So I will assume there are a lot of parameters that Fiverr looks before ranking a gig.

But if you get features on their emails, surely you will get quite a few orders.

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Thanks for your input :slight_smile:


There are all this kind of people across - even within my Digital Marketing (for instance landing pages) they expect high quality for cheap price.

Or a whole Website in WordPress for less than 100$ - it feels that people don’t value service. It’s only products.

What I am trying to do over next few months is trying to create a much better gig structure - Pay “X” and get 5 section landing pages etc. Making my service definitions better. Keeping the entry point higher so I don’t get a lot of people who are just there to waste my time.

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Not an issue. Happy to help!


A lot better than usual. Already have enough in queue to make June up around that level too.


Wait. Do you mean that just because some people are having a bad month, that doesn’t mean everyone on the platform is having a bad month? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My first week in May was the second worst week in the past 12 months. But, I did some things and May will close barley higher than average for the past 12 months. That makes me happy. Bring on June!


I think this has been the best month for me ever, I hit a new threshold.


Crappy, barely better than April.

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May was great for me, plenty of orders, so much so I will be raising prices in June to try and reduce demand.



I just took that price-raise leap myself. Demand has been so high lately, that I was finally able to take things up a notch. Thus far, it has not affected my sales.

Here’s hoping your price-raise in June proves successful as well. It’s good to see serious, driven, business-minded sellers succeeding here on Fiverr!


I’ve been doing better this month than my last two months, so I am happy.


awesome :frowning: tt