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How we ask buyers to discus on call?

Hi EveryOne,

I am presuming all of you are in the best state of your life.

As a developer there are lot of technical things which cannot be understand on chat, so we have to discus on call. So which platform does the fiver allow to communicate with client?

Waiting to see your kind suggestions and concerns.



Communication outside Fiverr is against terms of service,which you will find here:


There is no method to call the buyer while staying on Fiverr.


definitely not allowed …


None. You can only communicate through Fiverr; taking the conversation anywhere else will get you permanently banned.


can you share me any reference ?

What is the other way we can chose if the requirements are more confusing?

But what is the other way if we need to discus?

You could ask the buyer to send you a video through Fiverr I suppose, it’s not a call but if you are clear about what you need, the buyer should be able to just give you all the requirements then.

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I understand, But what point is the requirements are not much easily to understand on a single recording then buyer send his recording again and again? or i think buyer may be get more confused about this type of things and he / she gone away or find an other seller.

So i need to know if any other source that fiver allows that would be i guess more helpful for us. Please share reference as well if you know any other source.


why do you think there’s a different way ? You can only communicate on Fiverr , it’s as clear as possible

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No i am not looking for another platform. I am looking to find the better way to communicate with client if call is not possible?

the only way is to communicate through Fiverr , on the order page or in your inbox with the other user


There isn’t one.

Everyone else manages to complete their orders without having to communicate off-site.

At most, all you can do is ask them to record a short message verbally explaining what they want you to do. Actual conversations can only be done via text.

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You have 2 ways.

  • Fiverr chat
  • Record a video/audio (if it’s REALLY that necessary - I don’t understand what can’t be discussed via messaging but ok) and send it to them

No, Sometimes Buyers needs to show his screen and wants to show the current website which is on his own local computer. So we have to look at that first before accepting the order request.

Ok! Then ask them them to record it with their phone and send it to you. There’s no problem with that.

Okay Thanks. But what if the buyer send his details, phone number by himself without asking him so in that case what should we do?

Inform them that you are not allowed to communicate off-site.

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Yes. I always tell them. Moreover fiver is the safest platform.

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