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How we can get our first order

how to get first order

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I can only speak about my experience receiving my first order.

So here goes:

For the first week or so I stalked Buyer Requests and read through each request carefully, responding to ones I was able to complete.
I would regularly discount my services and deliver work earlier than the buyer requested. Soon I had a few 5-star reviews which lead to my first organic order.

Also, I’ve found responding to buyers quickly (within the first hour) helps improve your chances of getting an order from the buyer.


Hi, @zainch6786.
First order will not easy for any seller. Need hard working. Always try to active in fiverr and marketing your gig. This is very hard proccess you know. SO follow fiverr roles and system.
Thank you

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Great advice there :blush:

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Promote yourself in various place with targeted audience . Once you receive some 5* ratting then it will be easy for you to get more orders

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thank you so much I like them

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Doing few things you can get it.

  1. Create Creative gig
  2. Share your gig all social media.
  3. Every day send 10 buyer request.
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As a new seller all you can promote your GIG in social accounts and in in the buyer request section.

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