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How we gate 1st order please some one tel me?

hi all friends
i m new here i wants to work here ho i gate an order that’s my gig link please visit and tel me some one


Hope you’re looking for constructive criticism to improve because I am going to be harsh.
Don’t read any further unless your sole goal is to improve and you do not take offense at things like this:

A - You English in the titles is bad. “I will best work on excel and microsoft word” is not a proper sentence.
B - Even if it was, it doesn’t explain what you are offering. You work with Excel and Word. That’s nice, but it doesn’t summarize the work. Should be something concrete like “I will perform Data Entry in Word or Excel”.
C - Package description is also unclear. Provide information. “5 pages of data entry on word”. Give exact amounts so people will know what they’re buying. Also, try to remain professional “I will never break your heart” is something to put on Tinder, not Fiverr.
D - Did you check the market? Look at what other people in your field are doing. What their prices are, what their project descriptions are, what their images are.
E - “4 hours of work” is not a promising product. I want to know what you can do in 4 hours. If you can create what I need you to, I don’t care if it took you 4 hours or 30 seconds. I am paying for the final product. Try to monetize yourself based on final product, not time spent. I know it’s hard at first. But that’s what being a freelancer (usually) is. At least on Fiverr. Some sites sell “developer hours” but not Fiverr. Fiverr is selling products.
F - Your Image seems kinda generic. Pay attention to your looks.
G - The document in your screenshot looks plain. Also - The fact it’s a screenshot might give off the impression that you are being lazy. Create a beautiful document, with color coding, nice fonts, accurate alignment and so on. Then export that to a prettier file format (PDF maybe?) and print that. Make several of those.
Also, you have an “Activate Windows” watermark there. Very unprofessional in my opinion.

Apologies for being so hard on you,
Figured that’s the best way to help you.

Good luck.


thanks dear i will try to change it sir thanks

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i have a question dear how i send a request to buyers?

You don’t send requests to buyers, you submit offers to requests that buyers make.
Please see:


Be patient and write a good Seo friendly description so you will get your first order :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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its my links and how i send request what i write in box?
because how i send, the buyer request not send in my pc see this screen shot

If you are buying, then yes you can make a request.


Try to send 10 buyer requests daily.:slightly_smiling_face:


ok i will, but there is no any option to i send buyer request how i send in which option?

yes i will try to in my pc, there is not show any option to send i buyer request.

One more thing I will add, it’s better if you don’t call people “dear”
when messaging them.

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I am also struggling with 1st order but we have to make a perfect gig, So better to optimise Thumbnail, Description, Title, Portfolio etc

So buyers can understand what we are actually offering so they can put an order.

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ok i don’t say again dear, thank you

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Don’t Worry, Learn how everything works So you will get a better idea & follow the other top sellers, Check what difficulties they are facing So you can also learn by this way, Like you are here & it’s great quality from your side.

Good Luck For your first order.

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yes i will, and also i gate many ideas from this forum.
and thanks

Based on the screenshot you shared, you need to zoom out. The option is there, but you can’t see it.


It could also be a too low resolution desktop so might not show the “More” option if that is the case.


yes i found it thank you so much i see.