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How We get Rising Talent badge


I want to learn about Rising talent badge, So please suggest me how I get the Rising talent badge on our profile, Even I have 2nd level on fiverr.


You need to be rising talent to get rising talent badge.

Conditions are set by Fiverr and badge is issued manually, there is no settings you can fit to get it.

Thanks for the response…

I have done all the Conditions which set by fiverr ut not getting badge.

There are no conditions for this badge, I told you.

You need to be rising talent to get badge.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for rising talent?

You are here from May 2017, rising talents are new sellers. You probably can not be rising talent after working 3 years. You are either talent or not. But not rising.


Thankyou For this help.

He…he… :laughing: wonderful reply