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How we got 4.4 MILLION followers on Instagram


Hi, my name is Luke Ambler and I am new to Fiverr, so firstly Hey All!

I am the CEO of a newly founded company For My Life, we work with brands to promote them via Influencers on Social Media. We work with a network of over 100 Influencers on Social Media and can reach up to 20,000,000 people.

One of our newest Influencers to a our network has over 4.4 Million followers on Instagram, just from posting photos asking their followers “which one are you?” out of two types of people. One may be wearing a sexy cat costume to a fancy dress party, and the other… wearing a costume making them look like a Cheetoh (which if you didn’t know, is a cheesy flavoured puffy snack)… Sooooo which one would you be??

The Instagram account @2typesofthem has 1,000 posts and started posting back at the start of 2015, that’s 4.4 Million followers gained in just 2 years.

Upon asking them, how did you reach so many followers? their first answer was… “patience… it takes a lot of patience in the beginning to start gaining followers and to get people engaged”

“I would be constantly going on my Instagram account, liking others photos and following and commenting on similar accounts to bring in more followers. In the start I would be getting 20 likes per photo at the most, but after a few months it slowly started growing and I had 10,000 followers. All of which were gained from liking, following and commenting on others posts to get more reach.”

"Once we had 10,000 followers, we still had to be very patient, although we were now receiving at least 200 likes per post. As we were getting more reach, the more engaging posts we posted the more followers this would bring in, as people would tag their friends and others. I started to focus my posts on making them engaging and asking our followers to “tag their friends whom this relates to”.

“The main way that we would get more followers is by working with other accounts with over 10,000 followers, promoting their page in the caption of my posts. They would then promote my page in their posts which would bring in more followers. Asking other accounts to simply tag my account in their posts and returning the favour, would bring in 20/30 followers each time. Do this 3 times a day for a week and you have another 500 likes.”

“As we started getting bigger, we started co-operating with much larger pages promoting each other and we got to the point where we were getting an extra 2,000 followers each day through this. The odd occasional time, a much bigger page would ask to use our content and I would let them as long as they mentioned my page”

“One of the best methods I used to get more followers on Instagram was going private. The page has been private since 100,000 followers. This allowed the page to be promoted on others accounts, saying go check out @2typesofthem for hilarious and relatable posts. Whenever someone would click on to my account, they would then need to follow the page to view it’s content, meaning people would follow us to see the content, rather than viewing all my content, leaving the page and not following.”

The page currently makes up to $200 per sponsored post and can charge up to $75 for a post which is deleted after just one hour. The page’s audience consists of millions of girls aged under 16, so can make a huge influence on the upcoming young generation.

For My Life is currently working with @2typesofthem to bring in more sponsorships for the page and we currently have a Fiverr gig running where any business can purchase a sponsored post through their account, where we can guarantee millions of views. This can be checked out here ->

Thank you for reading!

Luke Ambler
Chief Executive Officer
For My Life