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How we make Portfolio

The new feature is live Portfolio in seller profile. So anyone is know How we create it?


To create a portfolio you have to log in first, click on your profile picture.Select profile. Go to the My portfolio section on the left hand side and click the create project link. Click upload your first project. Fill in your project title and add a short description of your work.Select a category and a sub category if applicable. Drag your images in or upload them from your computer( you can add additional files by clicking “+add files” in the top right-hand corner). Then click save and publish when you are done.
Hope it will be helpful.
Thank you😇


Please provide screenshot of My portfolio section on the left hand.

Thank you.


I am new seller bro!. I can not see it on my profile

Same here. No “My portfolio” section.

No one can see that, so that is why I am asking for screenshot.

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Here is what Fiverr Support says

If anyone know How it get tell here

As far as I know this feature is available to the top rates sellers.

Thanks, bro! for your help

You are most welcome :innocent:

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Is this fact, that only paying users can upload a portfolio? That seems so corrupt… Can anyone from Fiverr comment on this please?

Than you very much for your help and helpful mentality.

Thank you :slight_smile:

So much confusion in this thread. The guy is asking about live portfolio, which is not a new feature. You can activate it by going in gigs and clicking on live portfolio from the drop down menu of the given gig.

The other, Portfolio feature where you can create your own portfolio by uploiding items directly to your fiverr profile is only available for top sellers as @wpexpertsabbir said.

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I dont know much about it but i think it is mostly available only for top rated sellers.