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How We Promote My Gig

Hello I am New Here . I had completed 2 order .my skillis video editing and slide show videofromphoto and video. how i get lot of order

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You can “get a lot of orders”, by reaching out to your target customers, and encouraging them to hire you. You offer a skill they need. Show them why they need to hire you for that skill.

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Hello, If you are not getting lot of orders just follow these tips I can assured that you have lot of orders. First thing you need to do is promote our fiverr gig on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, pinterest. and increase gig impressions after you have lot of impressions fiverr will boost their gig ranking.

Second thing you have to do seo of our gig properly and make catchy thumbnails. So, people attract towards your gigs.

I hope This information is helpful to you!!!

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No, I guarantee that you cannot, in any way, assure people that they will “have lot of orders”. Please do not make promises you have no control over keeping.

No, Fiverr will do no such thing. Impressions only indicate that your gig shows up in search results. Gaining more impressions does not guarantee a better “ranking” in those search results.

Please stop giving bad advice.


This trick is works for me. This information is all about of my experience. When you are creating your gig. your gig is already show without any impressions in search results. When you are increasing gig impressions on our gigs then the fiverr search engine will boost our ranking. My gig was ranked in 6th page on fiverr after i increased impressions on my gig then my gig is ranked on 2nd page on fiverr. So, this information is all of my experience.


Thanks for sharing great tips

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Thanks for sharing tips

No, it doesn’t. Because there is no trick.

You’re a new seller on Fiverr who has only been here for a month – perhaps even less. In addition, you have no reviews, and I would bet, no sales either. You can’t really claim that you have any experience, because you clearly do not.

No, that’s not how Fiverr works. You cannot increase your impressions. Impressions are only registered when someone else searches for gigs like yours, and your gig show up in the results. You have no control over increasing your gig impressions. And having more impressions does not “boost your ranking”. Your gig ranking is determined by the stats on your Analytics page.

You might call this “your experience”, but it isn’t how Fiverr works.

ok dear I get great information from you

I am not a new seller on fiverr. I am working on fiverr since 2013. My old fiverr is blocked because i got negative feedbacks. So, Don’t tell me my experience ok…

Your account start date says you are a new seller as of April 2019. Any buyer – or even any of us looking at your account – are going to view you as a new seller, because that’s what your account says.

We don’t know that…and you have no way of showing us. So, this is a mute point.

Fiverr blocked your “old” account because you go too many negative reviews? So, not only are you a New Seller, with a new account, you’re also a bad seller that Fiverr chose to ban from the site, before you opened a second account?

At this point, I don’t think I need to tell you anything. Your experience – by your own claims – speaks for itself. I caution others NOT to build upon your “experience”. Bad sellers who give terrible advice are not good role models.


You teach me how fiverr works. Please Keep track of your work. I saw your profile. You got also negative feedbacks and you have no creativity of work.

What are you saying ? I cannot increase gig impressions. I know your experience by only this line. So, Please don’t teach me anything,

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I will do no such thing. You can learn this for yourself, by reading the Fiverr TOS, the help and support section, and learning from the wise veteran sellers who have already shared plenty of instructional tips on the forum.

I do. I am very organized.

I have a very impressive portfolio, available to those with whom I wish to share it.

Of course, every good seller has negative reviews. Neither I, nor any other good seller has been banned from Fiverr because of them, though. So, you must have had some extremely bad reviews for Fiverr to choose to ban you.

Really? And yet, people keep hiring me. Just because I do not show a gallery of my written work, does not mean that I have no creativity.

Yes. That is what I said.

Then please stop trying to appear experienced. Your experience, by your own claims, is pretty bad.


Why are you telling my experience to me ? Please Stop This… Please Keep Track of your work. I have no time to talk with you

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Like I said… I already do. I am puzzled as to why you keep telling me this. I’ve been a veteran seller on Fiverr for over five years. I know where my work is.

Very well. You may cease at any time.

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Its all depends on how much quality of work you provide to your buyers. Ranking depends on orders completion, ratings and cancellations . My remove malware gig was doing good but due to some cancellations I think it is on last page but even after getting 15-20positive feedback my gig is still on last page. So we cannot predict what are the exact things fiverr is taking into consideration when it comes to ranking.


I think this person’s phrase, “Keep track of your own work”, could be translated to, “Mind your own business”.

Pearls before swine in the case of this seller jonbaas. :wink:


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