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How we send custom price offer in GBP?

Hello Friend,

We need your help,

How we send custom price gig offer in GBP (British Pound rates) not in a USD rates?

Fora3 Studio

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I’m sure you or your fussy buyer can bother to check rough conversion rates?


Doh! (slaps forehead)

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One client agree with GBP rates.

So this is possible or not ?

The buyer can choose to Pay with Paypal in any currency.

You can send the offer as Emmaki said by checking the conversion rates online.

Or you could change the currency to GBP at the bottom of the page and do that. See? Takes 1 minute to think of solutions. But really, your client sounds like a Brexitor who can’t/won’t accommodate for the fact that Fiverr is an international marketplace and–for now–the USD is king.

Yes, are you 100$ right USD is king but client is not understand.

Thanks a lot for help

This is frustrating, even with checking conversion rates because Google and Fiverr can be different. Example - someone can suggest paying £25, you check currency conversion and set at $32. Fiverr sends the offer at £26. Looks like you are trying to be a cheapskate.

Not really. A gig price is what you charge for your work. That doesn’t refer to what people pay to use this service. Surcharges are to be expected and in the receipt it’s clear that Fiverr adds the fees, not you. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to click buy.

Also, the currency conversion is very clear and even more clear on the receipt in Fiverr and through whatever they use to make the transaction. For example, it’s super clear on PayPal.

If you’re worried about it, you can always suggest buyers to re-review the ToS to make sure they know how it all works. They are required to do that, anyway. If people choose to not read it or not to read that fees are charged in USD and converted to the buyer’s currency, that isn’t your fault.

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What Jawooster wrote is true.

It is still hapening in July , 2020

I thought it was July now??? Did I go back in time?

Just made you and back, thank me for lifetime experience

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