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How we send tip link after complete the order

hello, Everyone i hope all is fine i am level one seller My some clients when they complete the order then they ask to me they want to give me tip even they complete the order and give me nice review but they want i send a tip link so they can add it
this my big issue i don’t know how i send tip link after complete the order or give me review.
please anybody know about it please help me.


Something is fishy about this whole thing. Once the buyer accepts the final delivery,

Fiverr automatically begs, pleas, emails, threatens, hounds, spams and GUILTS the buyer to death about tips.

You don’t need to send a link.


there is no sending of link for tips of reviews,
when the buyer accepts the the delivery, Fiverr asks them if they want to tip you or give you review, and then the rest is left to them.

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I second it. They don’t want to give you a tip so they make a lame excuse.


I had an instance where sending a tip was not clear to me (definitely not obvious) so the seller actually sent me an offer I could pay (after the service was completed) in order to send the tip. I am researching this right now because I don’t want the same to happen again.

That is odd.

As has been said here already…Fiverr automatically sends Buyers the prompt to send a Tip.