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How/where is the best place to promote you gig?


I have been posting my gig all over the place in the forum, but outside of Fiverr where is the best place? And does it really help? My gig is at

You can post your gig here to if you want


I am new here, as soon as i started posting to the forums and all the different categories that lie within the forum that could suit my position, i got one sale. Granted its only one sale, but it’s a start! I also keep reading a lot about how to promote yourself and your gig without having to jump through rings of fire and still feel discouraged after. When you create your gig you are allowed to enter 5 tags that best suit the gig you are selling. Those are your keywords and those are what come up in the search engine. Simple modifications to the profile, here and there might help. Hope i was some assistance, i know how frustrating it is to wonder, and not know. Good luck!



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As I was once told by an internet marketer - “directing traffic on fiverr from outside - is a non-thanking activity” sorry for my english) I mean that fiverr admins must do this job - increasing traffic amount and quality to the site, not the buyers… that’s what they take their 20% for. If you want to advertise something you do outside fiverr then just create your own website where you accept orders, but increase the price so that your gig on fiverr makes sense by declaring “exclusively on fiverr”, so that its price here is really exclusive.