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How/Where To Advertise My Gig

I would like to ask where on the internet I can promote my gig. Everywhere people are saying to promote your gig on social media. The problem is I have no following on social media. I am trying to not make excuses and find other ways to promote my gig. As my gig relates to music (it is a gig where I write song lyrics), I went on several subreddits relating to music and made posts about my gig to try and advertise it there. I am here to ask if there are other things like this I can do that you know of. Specific subreddits? Fiverr forums? Facebook groups? Other websites where it would be a good place to advertise? Keep in mind I am looking for places that would be good to specifically advertise a lyric writing gig. If anyone knows anywhere that would be a good idea it would be so much appreciated! Thank you all!


The best place to promote your gigs would be wherever your target customers are located.

For the vast majority of Fiverr sellers, promoting their gigs on social media is a pointless endeavor, because most people are only connected to their friends on social media. Your friends are not your target customers. The people who specifically need your services are.

I don’t know if people who need music services are located on Reddit. Those are usually just people looking for interesting or newsworthy things online.

The only place users are allowed to promote their gigs would be in the “My Fiverr Gigs” section, but even there, those are not your target customers in there, and most people tend to ignor that forum section because it is nothing but advertising.

Not a good idea here either, since most of the people in those Facebook groups are other sellers trying to randomly sell their services as well.

Write a blog about your music endeavors, and share your services as an extension of the blog content. Take out targeted ads on Facebook, in music magazines, and other related publications. Create video about music, and then encourage viewers that like you music content to hire you to create more music for them. Word of mouth among music circles could work as well.

Notice how all of those suggestions are places where your target customers are located. :wink:

Thanks for the tips! I have some music videos in the works for my band so hopefully that will take off a youtube channel that I can use to advertise as well.

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You’re welcome.

That’s a great idea. Good luck!

creating social media accounts and publish your content might be helpful

Very true! I might give that a try!

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