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How/Where to post a job

Hi, I am new to Fiverr and wish to post a job. Where do I go to post and can I get people to bid on the job?


You need to hire peoples for your work not need to post job here.

what type of job you need ?


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Order me for logo ,brochure ,flyers and any high graphic and web design work.

Express delivery and guarantee of 100% satisfaction…

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Wow… what a way to turn off potential buyers. No one has any idea what this buyer needs but automatically spams them with their services.


Ha-Ha-Ha =))

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Hire me to remind you that all is not lost and other people have it worse out there. I know, I’ve been there. So if you want to talk to an islander and prove to you how much you should appreciate what you’ve got, hire me.

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Yea, and that there defines fiverr. Nowhere to post what you actually need, no one is listening, just trying to be hired. IDK how this biz model works.

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You’re replying to an old thread, but:

The place to post what you need (if you don’t want to contact seller(s) directly) is the buyer request page. In buying mode, click on your profile icon, a menu should come up, then click on “post a request”.

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Ikr. :joy:
Everybody wants those :dollar:

you can see the services which you require and search that keyword in search bar then select one which you like the most and checkout their work
if you like then you can order that gigs

There’re several step to post a job request.
Step1. Go to your profile, from “drop down menu” select “Post request”
Step 2. Fill th requirement on the page like “sort description”, estimated time, budget…etc
Step 3. Submit.

You’ll receive proposals from the seller interested in your job. Once you receive proposals, you can check each seller profile and portfolio, negotiate with them and reward a job to the one which suits best for the job.

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