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How/Where to post a job

Hi, I am new to Fiverr and wish to post a job. Where do I go to post and can I get people to bid on the job?


You need to hire peoples for your work not need to post job here.

what type of job you need ?


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Order me for logo ,brochure ,flyers and any high graphic and web design work.

Express delivery and guarantee of 100% satisfaction…

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Wow… what a way to turn off potential buyers. No one has any idea what this buyer needs but automatically spams them with their services.


Ha-Ha-Ha =))

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Hire me to remind you that all is not lost and other people have it worse out there. I know, I’ve been there. So if you want to talk to an islander and prove to you how much you should appreciate what you’ve got, hire me.

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Yea, and that there defines fiverr. Nowhere to post what you actually need, no one is listening, just trying to be hired. IDK how this biz model works.

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You’re replying to an old thread, but:

The place to post what you need (if you don’t want to contact seller(s) directly) is the buyer request page. In buying mode, click on your profile icon, a menu should come up, then click on “post a request”.

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Ikr. :joy:
Everybody wants those :dollar: