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How will Canceled orders affect me?

Hello Fellow Fiverr Friends,
Question, I just got 3 cancelled orders this week.
I preferred them to be cancelled instead of a bad review. (They wanted the gig for free so they acted rude and unsatisfiedto get the article wrote for free) anyway I saw that my order completion ia not 100% and is now 94%.
How will this affect me? (Besides losing money)
Thank you


order cancellation effects gig badly,it will decreases your gig impression day by day.
Now you will struggle to get orders on this gig…

Wow because some dude didn’t want to pay…
Was a bad review a better option?
Thank you for your answers :blush:


I think a bad review could be worse . . . :thinking: depending on how many reviews you have.

However, if you did the work, you should get paid! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If you received an order that means that he had already paid!
You are the one who decided to give him the money back and not to be paid for your work.

If I were this seller I would tell to all my friends to buy your gig and ask a refund.


cancellations is not a big deal :slight_smile: if you would keep doing good, you would be on first page always! although 3 buyers asked refund is a not good thing…! you should take care of your gig and may be well described so they dont misunderstand what you offer for what price!

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Cancellation affect your delivery rating, completed order rating and your general rating.

But some buyers do that on purpose, they order your low gig for Thier complex project without reading the T&C.


I did good work for him. I have only good reviews and I always do my best… so this is frustrating for me.
Thank you for your answer.

Yes, I preferred the cancellation rather than his harsh words for a review.
I just wanted to know what it would mean for me to have canceled orders.

Thank you kindly for your answer.

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Thank you kindly for you answer. For all of your answers…

Yes, if I were…
It seems that you haven’t already understood that some buyers here are professional scammers. And you haven’t understood that giving your job for free is the worst thing you can do here. Sellers like you are supporting all these scammers.


This is exactly why all cancellations now count against the seller, even if it’s a buyer mistake. Stop trying to avoid negatives by cancelling - it’s that sort of behaviour that’s hurting all sellers.

Your completion rate will decrease.


Thank you. I had no idea.
Good to know.