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How will enable promoted gig option

Iam facing low orders from the fiver. i want to use promoted gig option. how will enable the promoted gig option.


As far as I know, that comes when you become Level 2 seller.

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It’s only for rated sellers (lever 1,2 and top rated sellers) but you have to be invited by fiverr. Being a level 2 seller for example deosn’t guarantee that you’ll be chosen for promoted gigs feature.

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You get selected by Fiverr for your gig to be promoted.
I got invited to activate promote gig by fiver 2 days back with the offer of receiving $10 when I joined but I haven’t made the decision of joining.
You’ve to achieve level one, 2 and top rated seller with minimum of 4.7 rating and some other qualities to be choosen


Oh, I see.
I thought it happens in level 2 because I got invited exactly when I got promoted to that level. But now you mention it, I remember reading something like that (about being invited).

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thanks for the information regarding promoted gig