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How will freelancers find my request?

I created a request, but I have 0 offers so far.

Is the request visible to sellers or do I have to send a request to individual sellers individually?

The request appears in my profile under “manage requests”, but I don’t even have an option to click on it and view it as a seller might.

Does this platform work differently from every other freelance platform?


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You don’t have to send individual requests, sellers will see it and you’ll get offers coming eventually.
However this platform does indeed work a little different. The main point of Fiverr is to have a “storefront” for each individual seller, rather than a bidding system.
Buyer requests are mostly there to help newbies get their first orders.
Your best bet is to use search for the service you need, browse a few pages and pick sellers that fit your project.
If you prefer the bidding system, you probably won’t enjoy using fiverr in the long run.

Sellers can see buyer requests for categories they have an active gig in. Not all sellers have access to see any buyer requests. Which category is your request within?