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How will get impression on gig?

Hi friends,
I have created a GIg already…I need to get impression for my gig. What is the method get this???

Thank you


1)Share your gig through social Media
2)Try to Active Always Online
3)Use Proper tag and Gig Description.
For more Follow Fiverr Success Guideline.
Thanks :grinning:

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is it mandatory to share gigs on social media?

I don’t think so, I didn’t share mine and I get anywhere around 20-70 impressions on my main gig everyday. Be patient and once you get an order, they sore sky high

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I suggest you do share for share on social media and all

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Sharing on social media wont work if you dont have the right contacts which is suggested as you wouldnt be on fiverr if you already have a pool of clients. So focus on optimizing your Gigs description and appearance. Make a video for your gigs.
Also, you dont need impressions you need orders. Impressions do not matter as long as they are >0.

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