How will i convince a buyer on buyer request


I need help convincing a buyer on buyer request


By not lying.

In your profile, you say you have a degree in English from a college in California. You also say you have 10 years of experience as a writer.

If all of that’s true, why are there 8 grammatical and mechanical errors in your profile description alone?

This behaviour gives the whole site a bad name.


Write a short offer for buyer requests,
don’t introduce your self in the offer,
write about the buyer request which they Need and how you solve and provide sevice regard the request


A nice profile with great feedbacks is the best way to convince a potential buyer!


Respected Client,
Don,t waste your precious time hiring freelancers who does not provide the quality of work for which they promise and commits to delivery !

Best Regards!


What’s this?
PS. It’s Don’t not Don,t - that made me chuckle. Your apostrophe got tired and fell down :wink:


It’s an offensive compliment.

You are suggesting to the buyer that:

a) the buyer is clueless and needs to be educated
b) the buyer is a timewaster.


Sorry, but this will only convince potential buyers that their choice not to hire you is a good one.


any suggestion me another


Frankly, hardly any of your sentences makes sense.

I suggest you read this post:


Dear Client,
My name is sarowar,I am a Professional Youth Photo editing here on Fiverr. My gigs start at as low as $5.and I love to work with you on your project.

How is it.


It’s bad.
All the grammatical errors aside, you should put a space after each period and comma. This is a rule that applies to all languages.

I see, you didn’t take the time to read the post I mentioned. It would have been 3 minutes well spend, but as I stated in a reaction to this: the people who should read it will not do it. Thanks for confirming my theory.


I think the bigger problem here is that this offer doesn’t say anything about the request you’re bidding on. This is just a template and probably gets deleted as soon as you send it.

I’m not sure what to even recommend here. Maybe hire a mentor who will get you started. If you don’t have financial resources to hire a mentor then keep reading posts in this forum. Although I doubt this will help you much because you’ve been on this platform 3 months and if you didn’t figure out by now what’s wrong with your gig and offers, I doubt you’ll manage to do it on your own.


LOL! I was always under the impression that fiverr CS confirmed Education status, before you could ad it… I guess not… :rofl:


Yeah, it can’t be the case, can it?

The OP must be the only proofreader in the world to have misspelled the words grammar and punctuation in their ad.


Flawless writing skills, utilizing 5 to 10 sentences addressing buyer’s needs. (100% guarantee)

  • No template
  • No fake, stock profile picture
  • No lies about your skills