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How Will I create new gig without “watermark removal gig ? pls help me

Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig do photo background removal professionally in super fast due to the following reason/s:

  • By providing a service that removes a watermark from a third party’s copyrighted work, you are violating Fiverr’s terms of service and applicable law. Please do not offer watermark removal services.
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why watermarkl gig denied?

Edit: The above is your original question which you have since edited.

Fiverr does not allow such fraudulent gigs.

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You’re allowed to do background removal (Fiverr has a section/tag thing for it and there are thousands of gigs for it). But you’re not allowed to do watermark removal. So if you had said you’d do watermark removal in that gig’s description or you did watermark removal for a customer that might have got that gig flagged.