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How will i get first order?

HI There, I am new at fiverr. I am Experienced Web Designer. I have created four gigs. But I didn’t get any order. Please give me some suggestions to get my first order in shortly. Advance Thanks.

My gig link here:

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I have looked at your gig. There is nothing really wrong with it but because there are so many people doing your type of service, it would be nice to showcase the front pages of some websites you have already made. Showcase only the very best as you cannot delete another from the portfolio afterwards.

Look on Buyer Request frequently during your waking hours. To start off with, the first people who get their offers in quickly, will have a better chance to success.

Another thing I would change. Your gig picture is very bland being one color. Make is more professional. Look at top seller in your field and get ideas for your picture.


Thank you so much for your suggestion. I will change my gig image. May Allah bless you.