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How will promote my gigs, how i get more orders


please ask your experience, i want to get more order in my fiverr because i resigned my job and i will work with fiverr


Hi there, welcome to Fiverr. This forum is full of tips for newbies. There are lots of interesting tips and guides in this forum. Kindly look it up under ‘Tips for Sellers’. Read about them and you might learn something cool. If there’s any specific questions, feel free to ask me or other members in this forum. Good luck!


Some of the best tips are:

  • the best way is to make your gig attractive and more real .
  • plus look out for gig requests on the main page.
  • use relevant keywords.
  • add sample of the work.

    Hope these quick tips will help


Reply to @gohardesign: If you can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks