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How will sellers succeed if buyers do not trust new sellers?

If newcomers don’t get the job, how will newcomers show off their skills? Is there any other way to express their skills where buyers can judge their skills?
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Show your skill in a way that makes it worth buying, and thus worth engaging with you to see if you are worth the risk.

Also, your gigs are in hyper-competitive categories. If you want to stand out, you have to do something different.


Thank you so much.
Should I change the gig thumbnail or do I need to change the category of my work?

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Hi Picshop 24,
The buyers will surely trust you, if you solve their problem in a more efficient manner than they think. They do trust the new clients. The sellers may be new on Fiverr but experienced and professional in the true sense. Your skill will speak and stand you out among the rest. Here, we all are in a constant competition and constant struggle. We are to focus to deliver our best.
May you find never-ending success.
All the best.


Thanks and take love

I think the best way for the new sellers to show their skill by using Gig Video and Gig Images.


Thanks for your valuable opinion. Take love

Experiment and find out. Make more gigs and see what works and what doesn’t.


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Customer service, quality work, and patience.


Keep patience, Hope you get an order soon. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ve been here on Fiverr for a month now, so I am “a bit new”, but I am here to tell you that it’s possible to get a new order as a new seller.

  • Make your gig as attractive as possible
  • Choose the right keywords
  • Visit the buyer requests section to send some offers. At first you won’t find any requests as you’re a new seller, but keep refreshing the page until you start seeing something.
  • Share your gigs on social media without spamming of course.

Do whatever you can to make your gig visible. Also, keep your prices as low as possible (always according to the type of work though), so that those who can’t afford high prices of the others sellers, will take the risk and choose you! That’s how it works at the beginning, you have to sacrifice a bit and even though you are offering same quality of the others, you have to set a lower price to have higher chances of being chosen. It’s not easy, specially at the start, but be patient, work hard and keep going :slight_smile:

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you need to show that you are capable doing the work and have an excellent skills in whatever service you are providing.

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Thanks mjaninea
for priceless advice :heart:

Read 7 top rated and level two gigs about your service and get idea from gig images discerption and keywords.

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Think about it like this - if a famous movie director / musician / author created an account without revealing their identity on Fiverr and showed some samples of their work on their gigs (at competitive prices), do you think they would get orders, even being new and without anybody knowing who they are?

They probably would. Why? Because their work / samples would be great, probably better than most if not all competition on the platform.

So, you see, it’s not about being new or old, it’s about showing a better product than what others are offering. Having reviews help, but if you are good, they will eventually come. It just takes time. If you are not that good, then maybe it will never work.

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