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How will you sellers feel If I buy gigs from you and cancel it after it was deliver to me?


A buyer bought my gig and I delivered on time, the buyer confirmed my delivery and gave me 5stars. Then he came now and cancelled the order. Almost 3 different buyers did this to me. After I fulfil their order, they will cancel it and take their money and my goods with them. Why will you people allow it. Even when he gave me 5stars, this is fraud and criminal act and you fiverr team allow this things to happened to us. This is where I feed but, I am been cheated.
Imagine if I do that to you, after you deliver a service to me and I gave you 5stars, then later cancel the order and my money was return to me. How will you fill?
I have lost more than $50 even after I got 5stars


I have never heard of this happen…
How can a buyer cancel an order after leaving a review ?