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How Win a job?

Good looking

Nice representation

Delivering work with in a short time

Work seriously

Do less fun

The work should be carried out with pleasure! I would disagree with you saying that one should do less fun. The combination between hard work and having fun is the vehicle that drives real success!

Well Saimon, I can tell English isn’t your native tongue, and while you don’t offer copywriting services, broken English can hurt you. So let’s start with your headline, it’s not “How win a job” but “How to win a job?” or “Why you should hire me” or better yet, a headline related to your service: "Hire a Talented Graphic Designer."

Then hire a write to proofread all your gigs so they’re written correctly. If you want to get lots of orders, offering delivery in 3-days will help, some aggressive sellers do it in one day.

Best of luck.

That’s not funny at all, Saimon dear.

I want funny and I want to get some gigs.

I want people to laugh,

while paying for my services.