How would I advertise my gig?


Hello everyone on this lovely Forum,

I have been a member of Fiverr for Four months and haven’t had a sale yet, now I think my best shot to put myself out there is to advertise my gig in order to get some more traffic to my gig, and potentially a buyer who wants to buy my product(s).

Any suggestions on how I should promote my Gigs in order to get some more people to come visit my gigs?

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First, figure out exactly who your target customers are. Who needs your services? Then, do some research to figure out where those customers are located. Finally, go to those places, and tell those target customers about what you do. If you are offering services that help solve their problems, then you will gain orders.

YOU are going to have to figure out how this process works best for you. There is no single answer that guarantees success. Experiment with various angles, and see what brings in the customers.


You should share ur gig to social media for increasing ur impressions.


This is 100% false advice. Impressions are an on-Fiverr statistic only. Sellers only gain impressions when their gig shows up in search results, or on a category page loaded by someone opening that category.

Posting links on social media sites does NOT increase impressions.

Please do not post advice unless you know and understand how Fiverr actually works.



Alright, thanks for this advice I will do some research and start advertising.
Greatly appreciated!

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I strongly recommend you to share it on Social Media Sites.
Thank you.


i also share but no impression or order why?


You can also try optimizing your gig titles. Make your prospects want your service. Don’t just say “I will do this , I will do that”.

Say something like “I will do this so you’ll have $1000 in your pocket in 24 hours” lol… you know what I mean. Make your title exciting. But of course you’ll have to back it up with quality service.

In you description describe what benefits your customer will get if they order your gig. Don’t just list features, or write normal description.


my buyers work is visible on my GIG. how do i get that off? please i need help


Go to Selling/Gigs click on the little triangle on the right and untick live portfolio option.


I don’t think you can remove previously added work in portfolio. ( correct me if I’m wrong )


shows life portfolio is on, but i can’t click on it, no signs to take it off.


Should create a new topic for that.


I am a voice talent and what I have done to promote on Facebook is join groups on Facebook for whiteboard video creators, animators, and there are even Fiverr gig promotion groups where other Fiverr sellers are looking for services from other Fiverr sellers! Then every once in a while I will post a link to my gig and say that I do not intent to spam the group, but I would like to ADD VALUE to any of their projects that require a voice over. It has made a difference!
The key is to BE A PART OF THE GROUP! Don’t just post your link. Give compliments, look at their posted projects, etc. Just like being involved in this forum. That is how your marketing your gig will be received well and the chance of orders following are good!
I hope this helps!



Thanks for the reply, I will look at some groups and do what you said.

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Mr. Jonbaas,
Thanz for ur view . Would you please answer me about the images of fiverr. Fiverr it self suggest you to share more to Twiter facebook g+ in . and also there is a option of favorite. If u have more fav u have a chance to increase ur gig and also order. My suggestion is please visit gig dashboard. there is click impression ,view and order cancel option. so if u observed in mind u can get the answer yourself. and i got the result. there is more click in ur gig more opportunity to increase ur gig up.not only this click u must need fav, and also order as it is final destination.
note that search option is working for tag data. i mean if ur tag is wp if any buyer use this tag wp in the search option ur gig must be visible the pages. but dont think this gig will visible on first pages. its depend on fiverr technique. but i know this tech and this is my research result.


Incorrect, false, and untrue in every way. Favorites have absolutely nothing to do with the direct success of your gigs. They do not, in any way, guarantee more sales. Favorites are nothing more than a way for people who like your gig to bookmark it so that they can find it again later.


Not every seller has this feature.


Favourite is presenting with view and click of ur gig. While a person willing to give favourite, it mean ur gig must have click and view. So clicking and viewing relatates with favourite. Hope u understand.


Unfortunately, I don’t understand anything in what you wrote.

Once again, though, I will clarify, favorites have nothing to do with the direct success of your gigs. Favorites are nothing more than an opportunity for other people to bookmark your gigs so that they don’t have to look through all of the listings to find it again later.


Not only find, favourite can role of increasing ur impression, view and click of ur gigs.