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How would I deal with this situation?


Hi All, Hope You Are Well!

I don’t usually leave bad feedback…but I feel the need in this case.

08:19January 20, 2018

I requested an article from two freelancers hoping to pick the best one, both articles arrived on time but the one was not exactly what I was looking for.

21:12January 22, 2018

She agreed to revise the article

05:48January 26, 2018

I sent the following message:

“What happened? It’s been a few days and I have not heard from you?”

sadly I did not get a response…and there was no option to leave feedback to alert other customers???

She taken my money but did not give me what I requested, which I dont fee is very nice :0(

I have reported her to fiverr


The gig had revisions ? I think the staff could help with that issue, of course the seller did not deliver what was promised and other buyers should know about


Very sad. You should report


Did you already accept the order?

If no, then I am guessing you requested revision? Once she delivers an order, she will get paid in one of two ways:

  • You officially “Accept” (the green button) & review or
  • Three days have passed since delivery

Either way, you have up to 30 days to leave a review.

If you requested a revision, you must wait until she delivers again before being able to leave a review. If she is ignoring you, (please give sellers at least 24 hours) then you can send a copy (screenshot) of your conversation to customer support for assistance.