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How would i know my client read my message or not?

When i text to my client or buyr after that how would i know the buyer have seen my message or not ?

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It’s easy, you guess.


Hi thanks for responce how it is easy if he don’t responce me

Hi Johenbring, there is no way to know that if your buyer has seen your message or not. Neither your buyer can know if you have seen their message or not.
We hope this feature may come soon in the Fiverr.


The “Last seen” and the “Local time” features will usually appear in your conversations with a client/buyer if he/she has read your message. If the “Online status” feature appears in your conversations instead of the “Last seen” and the “Local time” features, then the client/buyer hasn’t read your messages.


Yes, agree with digipixtrooper!

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you can see his last seen… then you will know when did he become online…

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Actually, “Online” appears if the buyer/seller is currently online, has been recently online, or is doing tricks to appear to be online, “Local Time” appears if they’re not currently online, and “Last seen” shows you when they’ve been online on Fiverr the last time (1 hour ago, 3 days ago…).

None of these tell you whether that person has read your message or not; someone can be online and doing something else, not reading your message.

The only way to know that they’ve read your message (or at least looked at it without reading) is when they respond to you.


I see. Then I must’ve misunderstood Customer Support when I last asked them about the “Last seen” and the “Local time”. I had to ask them if those features were supposed to appear on my conversations or not.

Just waiting for that feature thank you so much webexpert

Ask from him, No Another Ways. LOL :crazy_face:

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@johenbring No way brother…see your client last screen in online.

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No other ways
Its not facebook messanger Lol

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