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How would I know my fiverr account has been linked with payoneer?

I’ve recently opened a payoneer account and then added it to fiverr. They told me it’s under review. After an hour I got a mail from payoneer saying, “you can now make payments and withdraw with fiverr.” But there was no email from fiverr, no notification.

And I don’t know where to look for, to confirm if my account has been linked or not. I just have the email that’s it. I don’t see any other option in fiverr to check linked account. Can anyone help please?


Clock on “EARNING”. and see you will find an option “BANK TRANSFER”. When you click on it it will redirect to payoneer. By the way, you need minimum 4$ to available this option.


It says, “it looks like you’ve already submitted your payoneer application. Please contact our customer support for more details.”

Are you sure you do not have/add any payoneer account?

Yes sure. It’s been only a month I’ve opened fiverr. And the one I added is my only payoneer account