How Would I know that Message I sent or Work i Delivered has been checked by the Customer?


I am Facing a problem that my Deliveries are pending from many days. The customer is not checking his Fiverr account or may be he is not marking my work completed. Even more he did not giving me any response about my work. If its bad than tell me, if its good than mark complete my work. I don’t know whats the problem. Can Fiverr community give the option “Message Seen” so we know either my work is checked or not?


Since we can no longer see when a buyer was last logged in (as you could in V1), that would be a great idea. It wouldn’t even have to be a notification sent to us, but a small notice in the gig itself that shows not just when a message was sent, but when it was viewed. That would be great, and I think buyers would also appreciate it.



Buyers are real people who are just busy with life, work, clients and such.

Here’s what I do…

When I deliver, I include a set of instructions telling the buyer how their project was created. I give specific details about the creation process and how to get the best results from my work. I ask them if they are satisfied with my work to please mark the order complete and leave some feedback. I also ask that if they are not satisfied with my work to contact me immediately. Most buyers respond right away and I have a 100% rating.

If I do not hear from a buyer within 2-3 days of delivery, I send them a friendly message saying I’m just checking to see if their order was received successfully and if it met their expectations. That prompts most of the stragglers to respond and leave a comment.

The ones who don’t respond (I’m sure there is good reason), well the order closes automatically and another complete order gets tallied.

Some buyers are new, and/or don’t understand the entire buying cycle. You never know when a new buyer may become a frequent repeat buyer. And while I don’t feel that I have to educate them about all aspects of Fiverr, I do my best to make sure they understand how to get the best results from my work and how to successfully and easily order from me.

Happy selling!