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How would you call a gig like this?


I would like someone from a specific country to compile a list of a specific type websites which are popular with locals with certain demographic characteristics. Basically, what sites do people from COUNTRY, aged … to … , use to learn about a specific theme

(For example, not the actual gig: Where do Germans aged 25-30 go to find out when and where concerts of the coolest bands are).

What would this be? Market research? Virtual Assistance? Fun and lifestyle even? Which search phrase would you use if you would be looking for someone to do this?

And: is it possible to filter on nationality?


Well. Sorta. You can search by language.

market research


Market research. It was my first thought, but the offers confused me. Also, these sites aren’t really to examine the competition, I need them as a source of information mainly.

Language doesn’t really say much. I mean…have you seen how many people claim they speak fluent English, yet when you explain what you want from them, they don’t even understand an iota of what you are saying? And apart from that, in the given example, I’d be looking for specific local knowledge, which someone from Austria (they speak German there, right?) would not have.


You can always use the Buyer Request section to “callout” potential individuals.


I’m looking for a german local who lives in this area for market research purposes.
Please only apply if: 1. You speak {your language} 2. You live {add here} etc.


I did exactly as thecreativeguys did for research into national parks, libraries, foods, local culture, etc.

I hired virtual assistants and article writers, some from buyers request, some from this forums that I knew - I spend great deal here so I know who is who.

Everyone I hired did an exceptional job, however, I did not find everyone I needed for research. Using buyers request is a hit and miss as you will get 75% unqualified sellers applying - but all you need is 1. :wink:

Please be specific in order requirements. I gave the sellers a spreadsheet with refilled columns and rows. I did the first one for them, so there was no misunderstanding.

Suggest you do something similar. Good luck.


Thanks for the suggestion, this is a great idea :slight_smile:


Yep - I forgot to mention just what you mentioned. Buyer request attempts will consist of ALOT of trial and error - buy hey, isn’t that a form of research? :wink:


I mean… You could hire a virtual assistant to do all of that.


so back to square one… is this Virtual Assistant, or Market Research…?


No, she meant hiring a virtual assistant to actually do the finding of your market research agent.

Therefore eliminating the need to post this thread in the first place!


LOL, yes… I am going to just open up the vault and hire everyone in sight :slight_smile:


You are describing market research. You can choose a country by finding a seller in a country of your choice but there is no filter for this.

As far as finding which websites are popular with locals that might be difficult.
I’m not aware of a way to find out which sites are most popular locally unless you put an address or town in your search on google. It would still be a guess as to how popular each site is.