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How would you deal with buyer who don't do supervision?


Okay, this isn’t my first-time experience dealing with buyer that don’t do supervision. I believe that most of buyers here don’t know how to interpret their needs into a detailed job description, so it will be my role to ask for additional informations and re-interpret their needs, ensuring that both parties will be on the same page.

I currently have a buyer who always buy Pro services. He just bought my service package which is considered as expensive, and i’m quite sure that this buyer really know about quality aspects.

The problem is: he gave me the freedom to make the design, but he haven’t replied to my messages about asking for additional informations. It’s been 2 days, and i started to feel worry if he would reply to my messages. The countdown timer is ticking and the process of designing quality works need time.

I actually don’t want to use the order resolution feature to extend the delivery time and state that he doesn’t provide sufficient informations. But if that is needed, that will be my last resort.

So, how would you deal with this kind of buyer? Just wanted to know some perspectives of fellow sellers here :grinning:


What kind of additional information do you need from him?


Well, if with all the information provided you have zero idea of what their vision is and they don’t wish to elaborate on that vision for whatever reason, you can:

— Keep asking (don’t spam them but depending on what the deadline is a message every 12-24 hours is reasonable).

— Request the deadline extension for the lost time + attach the questions again. Sometimes gig disputes get their attention faster than the regular messages.

— Request the cancelation if you can afford it. Some buyers like to send the references and the details after they receive the first delivery and realize this is not what they had in mind at all. Needless to say, most of them expect to receive the second version for free. Often enough, after receiving the cancelation request they decline it, elaborate on the task and extend the delivery deadline.

In any case, put in your gig description that you require a detailed brief unless the buyer is willing to give you the full creative freedom. And if they do give you the full creative freedom, you don’t issue refunds or provide free additional designs if the result of your interpretation of their task is not to their liking.


There are some buyers who give you all the freedom in the world to design whatever you wish to design (probably cuz they don’t have a vision of their own, yet). Later on, they get a vision/inspiration after looking at your work and ask for revisions based on that.

So, if you are comfortable with this kinda approach (which, I know not many are), you could just go ahead with the design and submit it to the buyer for review/further revisions (paid or otherwise, depending on your gig/offer).


Sorry, it seems that i haven’t wrote about the details.
Let me describe about the project for a bit.

It is a mascot design project. He stated that the mascot will furtherly be the logo of his business. So, i asked about:

  1. the media which will mainly be used for the showing the design
  2. his color preference (if any)
  3. the minimum usage dimension of the design that should be complied

So basically, i was asking for additional, vital informations.


I think he may not know the answers to these questions. I think that it would be possible for you to come up with a design, color choice, and some reasonably medium to large dimensions. Use your best judgement.

Then if he wants revisions you could offer them such as two free ones and charge extra for more.

You definitely need to stop waiting to hear from him and get a design done.


Thank you for taking time to read and write those tips :grinning:

I keep asking and haven’t heard from him until now. Well, i wish i don’t need to cancel the order. I don’t mind with the ranking / listing penalty. It sucks when i need to cancel an order if the buyer is possibly a good client that aim for long-term relationship.

Okay, i’ll send a request for time extension then. Hopefully he will grant my request.

I have read so many thread about this but haven’t applicate it, not until now. Will definitely do some tweaks on my gig description.

Thank you!


Yeah, i’m planning to open a dispute for extending the delivery time first. I’m trying to avoid redoing the final design, so i think will consider to make the sketch. If he still doesn’t respond, cancelling the order is unavoidable.


He told you to come up with something. I wouldn’t cancel. Have confidence in yourself as a designer to come up with something nice. You don’t need those questions answered. But that’s just my own opinion.

I was a designer and would have loved to be given free reign.

He has no idea what the answers to those questions are, he just wants a mascot.


To be honest @misscrystal, i’m in a dilemma between creating something nice OR creating something useful. I don’t want to deliver something that is unable to be printed but i also don’t want to deliver something that has good function but less aesthetic.

It’s hard to achieve both good functionality and aesthethic looking without that vital informations. If i go ahead, then one of them need to be sacrificed.

I obviously need to kill my ego for a moment. Maybe i wouldn’t cancel the order.

Well, i guess you are right. It’s been 2 days and i don’t want to wait longer. I just started to make the sketch.


I’ve also found the same trend with gig disputes! Sometimes I get an order, but the buyer doesn’t fill in the details. I write to remind them several times, but they don’t respond. They DO respond when they get the dispute. I suspect this may have something to do with email settings, as well as the word “Dispute” or the phrase “There is a problem with your order” being such ominous subject lines.