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How would you deal with this buyer?

This is what happened: a buyer order some 3D models, I sent him pictures and videos in every step of the process to make sure everything was fine and make some adjustments if needed. He said everything was perfect all the time and told me to deliver it. Turns out that he was working for someone out of Fiverr and he didn’t ask for his approval at any moment. I didn’t include revisions in the order, but he asked for one because the person he was working for didn’t like the result. I did the revision and delivered. Then he came with a new revision which include many new things, literally making the whole order again but as a revision. I rejected to do so, because I did my work and my buyer was happy with the result but now he’s not because he’s own buyer out of fiverr, which is not my responsability, is not happy with the result, as he was not shown any of the process pictures and videos so he was not able to give his feedback. Now he wants to cancel the order and wants his money back, I’ve contacted CS and sent them many screenshots of the buyer saying everything is fine and is ready to deliver. I’d like to hear your opinion and experiences, what would you suggest me to do in this kind of situation? Is there any chance that Fiverr agrees with sellers or do they buyers always win?


It depends on how many revisions are offered in your Gig. I see that you currently have 4 for basic, 6 for standard and even UNLIMITED revisions on your final premium package of the 3D modeling Gig.

Unlimited revisions are open to interpretation that you will work indefinitely until your buyer is satisfied in your premium package and some buyers can exploit that by also wanting extra work.

I would offer a maximum of 1 or 2 revisions in your place - if you don’t want to work forever for free.


it’s a custom offer, I don’t use the gig packages

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the price was 200$ and 0 revisions.

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IDK what CS will do but if the buyer never stated there was a problem then I wouldn’t even have done the first revision. The buyer never told you this was for another client and you have no obligation to that client.

honestly I don’t know how can buyers ask for a revision if I don’t include any in the custom offer


Look at this thing he said when requested the first revision: “Hi, Julia! Just went on with the guy I am doing the project for and he asked me to tell you the following: (…) Looks good to me, but my friend would like more from it.”
He admited the delivery was fine for him but is the other person, who is not on Fiverr, who doesn’t like it.
Even though I have plenty of evidence, I’m worried that Fiverr may not take us sellers seriously


That’s a really difficult one - so sorry you’re going through this.

On the basis that you were specific in your offer and have delivered per description, I’d be inclined to indicate to the buyer that your contract is with him, not his buyer. I’d also outline the fee the extras he’s asking for will incur. Be polite but firm.

@frank_d is probably the best person to advise on this - if he has the time and is so inclined. Customer journey is something he is very keen on - if he’s available and inclined to help, take everything he says on board, even if you don’t agree with it.

Wait for him to respond here - don’t bother him privately.


I told him that I made everything acording to his indications and I fulfilled all his expectations, if he was working for someone and didn’t ask for his opinion, that is not my fault because as you say, my buyer is this person on Fiverr. He’s not asking for extras, he’s asking for making the order again but I did my job and I deserve the payment for what I’ve been working for weeks. Even though he’s willing to pay more, I’m not oblied to make the order again if I did my job, I just want the money for what I did and he also threatened with not giving 5 stars, I don’t mind about the stars as long as he completes the order (which he’s not going to do) but you get the idea of what kind of buyer he is.
Thanks for your comment, I hope he can help me :slight_smile:


I agree with you, Julia - you deserve to be paid for what you’ve already done.


Thank you, it’s nice to hear that

Hi Julia, i recommend to everyone to read the “Terms of Use” i know no one read this, but this help me before. Some months ago a buyer said that liked of my work, but in the end he start to open a lot of revisions and after that tried to cancel. So i delivered again and just said to him like:

“You can’t cancel based on quality, as you said before, you liked the project… when you use the Fiverr Plataform you agrre with the Terms of Use”

THE MAIN TOPICS to help you:

  • Requesting to gain more services from Sellers beyond the agreed requirements by using the Request Revisions button is not allowed.

  • Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.

  • Buyers who abuse the Request Revisions button to gain more services from Sellers beyond the agreed requirements.

  • Buyers who threaten to leave a damaging review to gain more services from the Seller not related to the agreed requirements.

I hope that this can help you, if your buyer doesn’t accept your work you can send again the material and wait for the automatically close after 3 days. If the buyer accept and give you a bad review, you can contact the support and explain and the Fiverr will remove the bad review, as the buyer infringe the Terms of Use.


As long as you delivered and he has requested an official revision, in other words the orders is tagged as a revision the order will be marked completed in 3 days anyway, might as well just wait it out. If he is threatening the rating let him, remember you get to review him also. I know many frown upon lambasting clients but you may have to do so in a professional manner if the buyer decides to go that route.


Thank you so much! This is really helpful, I’ve just sent that to him and waiting for an answer. I hope he realises he is infringing the terms of use. Regarding the 3 days, I sent the revision and he requested another one because he was aware that the order would be mark as completed otherwise, so I don’t think I have that option.


I delivered a revision and then he requested another one, so the order is currently in revision and therefore, if I’m correct, can’t be marked as completed automatically. On top of that the order is now “late”, though I delivered many days ago

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he has just replied “we shall see” and nothing more, not willing to accept he’s wrong

Then make sure you reach our to CS right away so when this buyer tries to lie Cs won’t be that inclined to believe them.

Hey @juliapla

I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through such a tough situation with your buyer.

It’s always frustrating having to deal with this sort of thing.

If you want my advice, you shouldn’t antagonize them by simply pasting ToS and giving them a dead-end.

It’s also important to not pass blame to them, by telling them it’s their fault. Even if it is.

ToS are open to interpretation and CS will most likely instruct you to figure it out and find a solution by talking to your buyer.

You have a very limited set of moves here from my POV.

You need to stand your ground and make sure it is clearly communicated that you did as agreed upon and that they signed off on every step of the process. Be polite and compassionate. Your buyer could be someone who meant well but never thought things all the way through. It’s possibly the first time they did this.

That being said, you also need to offer a solution.

Do not present them with an ultimatum. But you need to lead the conversation, don’t be passive.

Offer them a do-over, make sure you explain why this is a do-over and not a revision.

Offer a discounted rate and ask for more time if you need it.

In all probability your buyer is a reasonable human being who now needs to face the music on their end: risk losing their client or pay out of pocket to fix things.


We both contacted CS yesterday, but I’ve sent them many screenshots and evidence, I hope they can solve this but I’m still worried just because I think sellers are more vulnerable here than buyers

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This, Julia - don’t argue. Take a long slow breath. Think about what @frank_d suggested … and then do it.

A do-over will get you paid twice … and getting it sorted will mean you can contact CS to tell them you’ve sorted it out with your buyer - extra brownie points.