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How would you handle this situation?

A buyer buys a gig of mine with a two day lead time. I deliver it in about 4 hours. He waits until the last minute then rejects, saying that he wants another one of my gigs delivered today (that gig has a 10 day lead time).

If he rejected your delivery simply on the basis that he changed his mind and now wants a different service, then I think he should have to complete the current gig, which you’ve already worked on and delivered, and place a new order for the other service that he now wants.

If the rejection was not due to a problem with the delivery or some kind of fault of yours, you shouldn’t have to now create something completely different pro bono because of a wishy washy user.

I think he just wanted to get my 10-day gig in 2 days without paying for rush delivery.

Reply to @pghhearts: Sometimes buyers do that. Or they just order the 2 day gig pretending that they meant to order the 10 day one and then try to say they expect it in 2 days.

You should be paid for the work you did. Period. Politely mention this and ask them to order the 10 day gig next. Therein you will see (more of) the buyer’s character.

Sounds like he’s just trying to be cheap and get an extra gig for free. Definitely make him pay for the gig he wants, it only makes sense. L-)