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How would you react ..?

Gig Custom order-- Say $250

Assemble a team and start working for more than 30 hours.

Gig cancelled by the buyer due to their internal problem.

Buyers agree that there is no problem with the seller’s gig progress status.

At such instance , Seller’s should be compensated to some extent… right…???

Kindly share your views…

I agree! It really stinks but without having delivered the final product, there is nothing you can do. I would be so frustrated as well, sorry this happened to you.

No, unfortunately that is not how it works here on Fiverr, it’s either all or nothing.

If you were working on your own as a Freelancer it is good to have contracts where some money is paid upfront and then paid in stages along the way.

What I would suggest here on Fiverr is for larger jobs like this that are going to require that much time is to break your job down into smaller gigs and have the buyer order 3 gigs instead of one. Then you can deliver after 30 hours of work the first gig, and then you have proof and something for working that many hours.

I also think this is just a lesson on how Fiverr works since you are new. So take what you learned and then figure out ways to do your business workflow better for the next job.

Hiring one person for 30 hours cost me about 900 so yes it would be disastrous. Most i ever invested in a gig that was cancelled was 4 days of work and about 40$ on expenses (could have grossed about 960 if i used that time for another job) , after that i have done as sincere18 said, split big orders with the exception of old clients.

Reply to @mgjohn78: yes, I was kid of wondering about that when they said they assembled a whole “team” and have done 30 hours worth of work and aren’t even done yet for only $250, that is way less than minimum wage. But I do know that in some countries cost of living is much cheaper, so people work for wages we cannot even imagine.

Reply to @sincere18:
Ah yeah i know, didn’t intend any pun thought giving it a second thought it sound a bit like i did. Things are crazy around here these days, you can’t get a gallon of fuel for under 7$ and just recently some war refugees went back home where their lives are at risk because they thought everything was so expensive.

One would think with all the globalisation living expenses would have began to adjust by now.

Back to the subject, even though fiverr’s terms won’t back us up in cases like this one thing you can always try is to politely explain the situation to the buyer. With a bit of luck the buyer might be able to give you some compensation (perhaps in form of a custom offer where you deliver what you have done so far).

Reply to @mgjohn78: that would be one approach to offer a custom offer for some of the work done, though when you have a flat rate, it’s tough to come up with a number and if the buyer has internal organizational issues, I am guessing they are not wanting to pay to begin with.But good idea OP should try it.