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How you are utilizing the quarantine period?

How everyone is utilizing their quarantine time?

Are you improving your skills or doing inhouse projects to build your portfolio or finding clients?


I am busy with projects. I got my ever best budget project in this quarantine period.


im slowly building my video editing skills and ideas for films

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Trying to develop my skill as a web developer .

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Stay safe, everyone! Don’t forget to wash your hands. :clap:t4:


Last month was very good. Alhumdulillah. Got lots of projects and also lost my level one :neutral_face:


Taking several marketing and design courses, pretty bummed out I don’t get orders so what else can I do

This quarantine period lead me to know more about Fiverr and I have created my gigs

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I love this platform.I am waiting for my gig responds !!

I’ve started Fiverr and offer a service which I will study with students who are affected by covid19 lol since it’s not easy to study at home alone. I mean I want to earn some money during this hard time but also, wanting to help people.

I’ve been watching some webinars and taking online courses.

I’m skilled in marketing but there are always new things to learn and experiment with.

I encourage all sellers to use this time to research inbound sales. It will help us all make Fiverr gigs people want and are more likely to discover or find and buy.

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I recently enrolled in a Learn from Fiverr course. If all goes well, I hope to enroll in a few more.

This week, I plan to rework my current gigs as well. I’ll be editing descriptions, adding new videos, and updating portfolios. Always a good idea to stay current!

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I had to recreate a gig fixing the picture and do some copy-writing in the description.
I’ts difficult to look at your own gig and spot mistakes.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::man_facepalming: