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How you came to know about fiverr?


So guys and gals, how you came to know about fiverr ??

Starting from me i came to know about it from a newspaper :slight_smile: What about you guys ??


My wife saw it on TV a year ago.


@madmoo same here, i never thought i will be able to monetize my talent of making presentation !!


I was looking for feedback from a livejournal user and ran across it somehow xD


Reply to @madmoo:

>>> I never for a moment thought I’d sell ANYTHING!

And look at you now, selling spaghetti and coffee ads. You gotta love this place!


I heard of it on a make money online article about a year ago.


I came to this site by chance !

It has helped me a lot to earn extra income and has sharpen my talents to a great extent…

Love Fiverr :slight_smile:


I get to know from a friend of mine in an active Online forum… :slight_smile:


surfing through facebook, i saw the ad on the far right this past may.

i was curious and so i signed up as a buyer :smiley:


My friend told me for this site. I need money, so he give me this site and i’m verry thankful to him, and verry happy to be part of this community :smiley:


I wish I could remember, it was about this time last year I heard about FIVERR. I am thinking it was something like CNBC or CNN but can’t be sure. I am sure glad though I found FIVERR


I must admit, it was Tosh.0 that introduced me to Fiverr


I think in the beginning it was all about news releases but now Fiverr is popular because of all of us running our mouths about how great it is on the social websites and message baords :-))


Ladies And Gentlemen I Present To You The KingKong Of All Micro Freelance Sites: eF aI V E double aR…FIVERR!!!

I get to know about Fiverr In A Local Magazine