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How you can get Orders on Fiverr

Hi there,
I’m new seller at fiverr. I had got 4 orders directly within week. The reason behind the is my outstanding gig. You gig description your gig packages and your profile information should relate with each other. If you write you are a graphic designer in profile description and in gig you are providing services related to other niche then rate of having order decreases in start.
How write Outstanding Description.
First of all in description tell about yourself who you are and what are your skills.
then write about your Experience.
Then write about your services.

If you write your gig in this way. When buyer check your gig he/she will know all about you in your description. And the chances for order increases.
after that your profile picture matters a lot.
If you have a profile picture with smiling face it has a great impression on buyer.

For Example You can check my gig


I think the reason is because you charge $5 as your entry price which is good but it’s going to be hard to scale from there.


Well thought,nice one!!

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I want to clear you I had did one order in $60 and other in $30. Budget depends on customer work and your professionalism how you deal customer.
I think that it make sense.

Thanks for the info :slightly_smiling_face:

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