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How you can increase repeat sales on fiverr

I haven’t always been the best “online” seller but these are the things that I’ve learned over the years and these principals are what I’ll use to continue to get better.

Summary of Topics

  • Always get paid in a public platform
  • Never work alone
  • Have reviews or some type of rating
  • Market outside of your platform

Always get paid in a public platform

This brings credibility and allows others to trust you because other people have trusted you. This will lead to more money for you. If you get paid via paypal no one besides you and the buyer gets the alert. If you get paid on fiverr or some other freelance platform, EVERYONE will be able to see it.

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Have reviews or some type of rating

This is important for the same reason that getting paid on a public platform is important. It shows that other people have trusted you in the past and will encourage more customers in the future. I’ve also noticed that favorites on fiverr are a big thing. And gigs that are doing well usually have a good bit of them and not just reviews.

Market outside of your platform

This is important to do for Fiverr because as of right now, I’m not aware of any way for you to communicate with your clients besides this forum. You could do something as simple as post to a classifieds ads website (ie Craigslist). There are tons of those and people tend to be searching on these platforms anyway. In fact, classified ads are so popular that facebook has recently moved into the space. Also, joining other online forums or similar platforms, adding your fiverr gig link and then just posting normally should bring traffic back to your gigs.

I’ve done this with my website and thrown up a **** traffic widget and have been able to see (and show others) that my website was receiving traffic.

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Please let me know if you have any questions. I appreciate your time. Have a great day.

I think you’d be better to read the ToS - a referral program to your gig isn’t really possible.

Also, your gig is breaking Fiverr’s ToS and Google’s as well - maybe think of a different gig you can offer? :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, marking gigs as favourites makes no difference to their ranking etc.


That statement confuses me because if you search partner on fiverr forums . You’ll notice that none of those posts were shutdown. Some of those posts date as far back as 2012. So i’ll disagree with that first point

A quick search for “tutor” pulls up results of people with positive reviews. A quick search of “wealth” pulls up people selling (of all things) SPELLS to bring people wealth. These also have positive reviews, which means they didn’t get flagged. A search for “youtube views” also brings back plenty of gigs selling traffic to youtube. So what ToS violation are you talking about ?

I’ll test this out and see for myself.

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Fiverr have recently started removing any gigs which offer YouTube views, FB followers etc. as it’s termed ‘a third party policy violation’. I just don’t want you to get into trouble with Fiverr, but you’re more than free to do whatver you like.

Fiverr runs their own referral program - you’re absolutely right, but to their own website, not individual gigs.


A lot has changed since 2012.

Actually, positive reviews just mean that some people bought their service. If they’re selling stuff they shouldn’t be selling, and the gig is still around, it just means that Fiverr staff haven’t caught them yet.

Buying and selling views is a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service, and violating a third party’s ToS means also violating Fiverr’s ToS. Those gigs are active simply because nobody reported them yet.


notice I didn’t say “all of those posts…” There are still referral partner requests from this year and 2016. Your answer doesn’t even imply my original post or my previous reply was incorrect.

So is the fiverr staff sleeping ? (No) If people buy your service once or twice, I could agree with you. But not over 100+ times across months or even years.

A quick glance at this link and reading under the “TrueView video discovery ads” section shows youtube itself selling views. And a search on fiverr for “youtube views” with 20+ results each having at least a few ratings means that at this point none of them is violating anyting. Do you think the fiverr staff is slow. A true violation of TOS would have youtube sending letters from their lawyers and threatening lawsuits leading to lost money.

You acknowledge that these gigs exists because “nobody reported them yet” but look at how quickly you flagged my post.

Anyway, no worries. I have a way of turning nothing into something. And a flagged posts won’t stop me. Heck, you guys might even help me prove a point. Stay tuned.

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I didn’t flag your post.

Reporting a gig is completely different from flagging a forum post, and after a gig is reported, Fiverr staff takes some time to investigate.

Fiverr is understaffed, so yes, it may take them a while to remove every rule-breaker.

Those gigs get removed all the time, for ToS violation. Every now and then, someone on the forum complains that his/her gig was taken down even though there are so many sellers offering the same thing.

I’m not worried at all. I tried to explain that you’re violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service, but it is your right not to believe me. I’m not Fiverr staff, after all, and whether you’re allowed to sell YouTube views is not my decision to make.


Guess that’s why they don’t want anybody else selling views when they can sell them themselves?


I don’t even know where to begin on the above but the first thing I would point out, seeing as you invited people to look at your gig, is that it seems like you are trying to run a Fiverr review manipulation circle ON FIVERR itself, by offering discounts when people buy from your “partner”.
As per ToS, review manipulation in any form is against the rules and can lead to banning of all those involved.


Thanks for your reply. I googled the quote above and was led to a fiverr topic with this particular post: Buyer Manipulation . If you expand that post’s list of “likes”, you’ll notice that @misscrystal was one of the people who liked it and she also liked your post (which I’m reply to now). Seems a bit contradictory from my p.o.v to like your post after having liked a post which says that “Marketing technique” is a good replacement for “manipulation” as it exists within the context of “buyer/review manipulation”.

It also seems that @offlinehelpers liked that guy’s post as well. Seeing this after reading your reply, looking back at my post (in order to check myself again) just makes it seem like i’m not running a review manipulation. I’m assuming that means that you ask for positive reviews from buyers which I haven’t. What I’m doing is called “good marketing” . Typically, this technique is used by people who want to make money so that they can eat.

And I’m writing all of this just laughing to myself because I’m still waiting for a real seller to come on here and use what I refer to as “deductive logic” to come to a proper conclusion that actually shows that I’ve done anything not already being done on fiverr. I wonder…is it against the fiverr TOS to do things that make sense to people who make money (and in the end make fiverr money)? Just curious.

Show me a buyer has never asked for a discount in his/her life and I’ll show you someone who likes throwing away his/her hard-earned money. You question sellers for offering discounts ? Here are fiverr discounts on a major website: . Did fiverr not authorize those ? Are those bootleg discounts ? Why penalize someone for following the footsteps of the people who built this platform in order to make sales on said platform ?

Honestly, I want to thank you guys for making me look smarter than I am. Anyone who reads my post is just going to become a better seller and reach out to me for more tips.

In the post you had a link to in your first paragraph, the OP was talking about offering to deliver extra fast and calling it “buyer manipulation” which has nothing to do with what you are posting about. So when someone said it was actually marketing technique, I liked that post because that was a better term for that.

That has nothing to do with review manipulation that @eoinfinnegan was talking about.

Customer support on fiverr would find this to be review manipulation:

You really do not need to jump through these hoops on this site to be extremely successful.

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As I said, I looked at your gig and that is where it looks like you are trying to do some review manipulation by asking a buyer to place orders with both you and a partner in return for a discount, thus doubling the reviews for a single order. This is the same as people asking for buyers to split orders and leave multiple reviews which CS has said is not allowed. Offering discounts is fine. Offering discounts to get more reviews is not.

Edit: Of course, the other possibility with this gig is that you are trying to game the Fiverr referral or affiliate program which is also against the rules of those programs.

As @misscrystal said above, the post you are referring to is completely different, why do you need to Google things to check them out? Just read Fiverr’s ToS if you are not prepared to listen to 4 experienced sellers telling you clearly what the issues with your gig and post are?

Yesterday I had the “everyone else is doing it so why can’t I?” conversation with my 10 year old daughter. She didn’t like it but she understood it quite quickly. She now accepts that even though other people her age use Facebook and Instagram, she is not allowed to and that is the rule, regardless of what her friends do. Her friends accounts will be removed if/when they are found to be younger than they claim, just like those gigs you are referring to will be removed if/when they are spotted.


There’s no point arguing. We’ll report your gig to Fiverr CS.

  • If they take it down then it was against TOS
  • If they don’t take it down then good luck with the sales

So, we’ll see in a couple of weeks if your gig is still up or not :wink:


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