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How you feel when buyers won\'t give ratings.?

All sellers experience this in fiverr, Even though, we delivered quality work there will be no feedback or rating from buyers. Of course order will be marked as completed within 3 days if they didn’t respond. But even when they came online after so many days, they won;t give ratings also, they won’t care at all about our hard work. Felt bad :frowning:

Lately I see that 25% don’t leave a feedback. Just go on with your life. It’s on you how you feel about things.

I agree its all on you how you feel about things.
but it looks like they forget about their order once they logout, they never come back.Strange.

Yes, it can be frustrating not to get a review. However, I would rather no review than a negative review. Luckily Fiverr’s auto-complete system ensures that even if the buyer never reviews us or doesn’t even look at the delivery, we still get paid if we did what we were supposed to do.

I find that many buyers use Fiverr very sporadically, or only during non-business hours. As such, they aren’t as responsive as sellers are expected to be. I suppose it isn’t surprising that they don’t review their sellers if they don’t interact with the platform excessively.

Hey, you could trying asking? As soon as you get the order, send a quick message 1st saying something such as “Your order will be started soon, please REMEMBERS to LEAVE a RATING ANDS A FEEDBACK, it would be appreciate… (.sp)?”

Have you tried that?

I love it when clients leave reviews, but I don’t lose sleep over the ones who don’t. At last count, I’ve delivered almost 200 orders, and 145 of them left reviews. So, as someone else mentioned, about 25% don’t bother.

I like to think of it like this: You know those survey’s that restaurants and stores put on the bottom of their receipts? How often do we, as consumers, actually participate in them? I very rarely ever do, even if I was blown away by their service. Not that I don’t want the company to know they did a great job, but I just never really get around to the surveys.

Its kinda annoying after putting much effort to get a job done as well as deliver on time, and yet no review. The funny thing is, when these buyers want to choose a seller, they go for the one that has good reviews. It doesn’t occur to them that if some other buyers didn’t leave good reviews for that seller, they won’t be ordering his or her gig. One can only hope to get orders from buyers who will take time to appreciate the work done for them. Best Regards!

It’s funny indeed. Last week a buyer ordered and he started his message with “Wow, you have good reviews!”. Once he got his stuff delivered he didn’t even bother to mark the transaction complete or leave a review.
However, he has his stuff, I got my money. Next in line please…

Well, dropping a short message like “
Thanks for placing an order with me. I’ll appreciate a 5 star rating with Comment as review. You want to make “Comment” and 'review” emboldened … "Add more nice sentence “… end it up with warm greetings like “Best regard”, “With regard” Cheers” . You could save the text on your quick response and always get it posted when delivering an order. ;(

Never ask for or mention a review. It is not required of a buyer. To ask for one is putting pressure on the buyer. If they do not want to leave one it’s ok. It is their choice. Maybe they didn’t like your work very much and if they are asked to leave a review it won’t be a good one.

I feel nothing.

ya, thank you for sharing your experience

yes, i tried, buyer said i’m currently busy, i will give you feedback later

yup, thats true.

I agree with misscrystal, I never ask for 5 star ratings or all praise worthy reviews but leave a subtle note with my delivery message to leave a rating and review based on their true experience with me. Many do appreciate the work but sometimes dont bother to leave reviews and that kind of affect budding sellers like me because most buyers out here choose their sellers based on their reviews.

I cry myself to sleep.

that works1 :smiley:

I don’t really care. I also see about 25% do not review, but you know what-- I have enough reviews. People aren’t going to scroll for ages to read all of them, so losing a few is no big deal to me. As long as there’s a good list of top-rated reviews, I’m happy. Although it is nice to review, and I always review my sellers if they review me.